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More On Kaval’s Release, Why WWE Pulled The Trigger

– The word in WWE is that Kaval (known as Low Ki on the independents circuit) was released because the company didn’t have any plans for him, and as such it was an amicable departure by the winner of NXT Season 2.

It’s unlikely Kaval will be working for any nationally televised companies any time soon due to the typical 90 day no-compete clause.

The high flyer was signed by World Wrestling Entertainment in 2008 and spent a lot of time in WWE developemental before he was brought up to NXT.

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  • Lazytrout

    Kaval wanted to leave same as mvp and Matt Hardy get YOUR FUCKING FACTS STRAIGHT BEFORE SPOUTING CRAP

  • centerman

    Darn shame to drop the ball on a true talent like Kaval and right before the holidays.

  • venom

    This was the same thing with Tough Enough 4. Remember the finals was Daniel Puder and The Miz. Puder won, and look where both men are at. Oh, wait, Miz is champion. There you go.

  • Paton

    whats the point in having fans vote if the guy they pick to win gets fired anyway

  • Dwayne

    What a load of BS!

  • me

    wow, idiots, i saw it coming, but they are idiots for this, hes better on the mic than people like reks and masters and better in the ring than 90% of the roster. truely pathetic.

  • HeartBreakHill

    Dear Low Ki:

    We hate to break it to you, but despite your talent and obvious fanbase seeing’s how you were voted winner of NXT season 2, we really just have no plans for you, and by you, we mean character or gimmick wise. That’s kinda why we kept burying you every week to other mid carders. Long story short, we’re realeasing you. You’re welcome for the opportunity.


    Oh, and Merry Christmas.

  • cena approved

    @kamoteng kahoy
    What are you? Like 12? Chill the fuck out and stop acting like a child.

  • David



  • Whatever

    they did not have plans for him, why didnt they just have him fued with dolph ziggler when he challenge, they guy put on a hell of a show, plus why are they evening havin NXT if they are gonna release them, its a complete waste, I thought wwe was looking for new younger talent

  • Trevor

    I think its all a work and he will join the NEXUS when they arrive on smackdown…….

  • hey yo!

    He must have pissed someone off. I’m kinda pissed I won’t see him against Mysterio. Really whoever could’nt come up with any plans for him should’ve been the one who got the ax.

  • kamoteng kahoy

    F.uck you WWE! You didn’t have plans for kaval?????????????????????????????????????? You have a f.ucking non-existent tag team division which could be used for many of the talents that are in limbo right now! Plus he f.ucking won nxt 2!!!!!!!!!!!!! You should’ve did something for him instead of dui lackey runner up 2 and generic genesis number 3! D.amn!

  • jim

    we dont have plans for kaval..yet husky harris and mr perfects son are seen on tv each to love the good old politics of the wwe.

  • Will Henderson

    truth of the matter is, i think WWE didn’t really want to push a TNA Homegrown talent. i guess Japan or Mexico or Indys or ROH is his future. i bet ROH would be the big winner, after all they stole Christopher Daniels after TNA fired him.


    Ya know, I was pissed off when I read the smackdown spoilers every week and saw that he wasn’t getting pushed, then they just released him. In all honestly I think WWE didn’t want him to win NXT but decided to stay faithful to the fans with the voting. The easiest thing they could of did with Kaval is give him the IC title. Ziggler and Vickie don’t need a title to get over anymore. I guess there was something about him they just did NOT like. Hell A RY had a fucking DUI recently and was in the main event this past Raw and he came in 3rd place in season 2. Complete waste of a NXT season WWE, I can’t believe I even watched some of that season. I give up on NXT now, though I gave up on NXT after that season anyway.

  • Damien Phoenix

    Why hire these people if your just not gonna use them anyways!?

  • steve hillen

    bob shut up baretta is a fly by night and won’t be there mch longer and as for resk im sure he is on nxt not realy the same thing is it

  • Bob

    Yeah right. They don’t have plans for him but keep guys like Baretta and Reks