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— Chavo “Classic” Guerrero, Sr. gave his thoughts on WWE signing the daughter of the late Eddie Guerrero, Shaul Marie Guerrero, to a developmental contract.

“My dad never approved of women wrestlers,” he told Monday Night Mayhem. “Put it this way: Shaul is going to be the first Guerrero woman to get into the business. If I thought like before, if I thought like the way my father thought, I would be not really too much into the idea, but times change. If that’s what my niece wants to do, then I have the full support of her. I appreciate the WWE taking her in, and giving her the opportunity, and paying her to train, which is even better. It’s going to be up to her to get better and better everyday.”

— Regarding MVP’s departure from WWE last Thursday, those close to the situation say he asked for his release from the company so that it would not occur during a future talent purge.

source: f4wonline.com

  • The King

    @ andre thank u very much im so offended by u..NOT if u love the convict so damn much then go rob a bank with him & get arrested together & then F*ck him up his A$$ or vise versa..but in all seriousness i have every right not to like this prick..im entitled to that..but further more i actually have a legit reason to not like this a$$hole unlike your love fetish for him so u STFU

  • mark

    I thought MVP never really got his chance , The WWE made a mistake with this release

  • The King

    thank god & good riddance i always disliked MVP..nothing but a disrespectful A$$hole outside the ring..he wont be missed whatsoever trust me…as for his Bullsh*t comment about him asking for his release goes..thats a laugh because thats bullsh*t..see ya dont wanna ever see u in WWE again..bye bye convict go back to armed robbery what u do best

  • Jacob

    I f***ing called. All the guys I wanted to suceed in WWE are gone. As Maffew always says “**** this company!”

  • damkat

    Why does everyone assume he wants to go to TNA??

  • nottingham

    I think this is a huge opportunity for MVP and TNA… I think the best thing for his character was to get off the whole athlete gimmick… I agree that when he first broke in his edgy heel role played great.

    TNA should be able to do some great things with him. Would love to see a stable of MVP, Pope and Jay Lethal down the line.

  • shawn

    the feud he had with hardy was pretty good i thought because of him. i do think the wwe has “dropped the ball” with him even though i started getting disinterested with him later after the feud.

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