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PAIGE and AJ LEE Ass Pics *Must-See*

- The announced attendance for tonight’s RAW from the Frank Erwin Center in Austin, Texas was 11,600.

- The official theme song for WWE’s Fatal 4 Way pay-per-view is Showstopper by Toby Mac.

- The dark match before tonight’s RAW saw Dos Caras defeat Yoshi Tatsu.

- Mark Henry vs. Primo and Gail Kim vs. Jillian was taped before RAW tonight for this Thursday’s Superstars on WGN America.

- Next week’s three-hour RAW from Miami will begin at 8PM on USA. Fans will be able to vote on matches and stipulations this coming Monday at WWE’s website. The cast of A-Team, including UFC’s Rampage Jackson, will be the guest hosts.

  • lamar williams

    I beg 2 differ if TNA was 2 bring in “NEW LIFE” 2 the company they would actually be competition 4 WWE instead of hiring no disrespect some old dudes that r trying 2 hold on 2 there glory days of wrestling (prime example RIC FLAIR!!!!).They have some decent story lines and they actually have females who can wrestle their a$$ off instead of getting a 3 min match.

  • thetalkingbox

    at the start of this TNA saw it as the had “the big guns” they pulled out Hogan, Flair, Hall and Waltman and the one that was suppose to be “the one” someone from the WWE that was really famouse and all the kids love.


    But nothing happened.

    Seriously I dont understand TNAs strategy. They wanna compete against WWE but they keep hiring the talent that WWE throws away

    Its like “you think you have what it takes to take down a place where you were no good at?”

  • AttitudeEra

    But that being said i still say Cena should of gone back to Smackdown & Orton should of as well we havent seen Orton on Smackdown is ages…

  • AttitudeEra

    I watch smackdown and i still feel its a great show? nothin about smackdown bores me and i still think its holds up with Raw hell somethimes i think its better then Raw as well these past 3 weeks both shows(to me) been actually good tonights Raw was awful though i must say…

    But why does everyone think Smackdown has no big wrestlers?

    you got Rey, Taker, S.E.S., Drew, Matt, Christian, Kofi, M.V.P, Shad Gaspar, Christian, Kane, Big Show etc…

    I no not all the names i names are main eventers but they are entertaining to watch & the new tag team on Smackdown are way better then the new Tag Team on Raw besides that i think Smackdown has had better story lines of late

    With the whole Drew & Matt story line & Drew getting fired and the Swagger cockyness story line Punk getting his head shaved and now wearing a mask with the Mystery S.E.S partner who keeps interfering Luke Gallows has a cool theme Shad has a cool new look & theme etc…


  • AttitudeEra

    Vince put the WCW and ECW out of business and to make things worse, he even bought their a.s.s and made them work for him!

    So get your facts straight when you say Vince was scared! because back then Vince was a problem and couldnt be stoped and he wasnt even a Billionaire then what makes you think he would be scared now? specially thats hes a billionaire now!

  • Keith Learmonth

    Scooter… Did you ever think that maybe, he wanted Raw to feel like the flagship show again?

    Because smackdown’s been the one that’s really been the flagship since last year’s draft.

  • Scooter

    clearly Vince did fear TNA look at all the talent Raw got in the draft compared to what smackdown got its pretty sad I don’t have anything against the wwe but what other reason could there be for giving raw everything? by the way you still spelled knew wrong

  • AttitudeEra

    i meant to say…

    Vince “new” what he was doing

  • AttitudeEra


    Vince doesnt fear TNA dickhead its the opposite TNA FEARS THE WWE! thats why they ran like cowards back on THURSDAY! BECAUSE THEY NEW THEY WERE GONNA GET THEIR ASS BEAT! WHICH THEY DID WEEK AFTER WEEK! if they stayed on Monday any longer! well… they wouldn’t be in business probably right now would they?

    Keeping your eye on the competition being TNA(if you call them one) isnt being scared its BEING SMART! what do you want Vince to do act like their not there?

    They an embarrassment to the so called “war” Vince ne what he was doing they got Hogan so guess what Vince did he got Bret! TNA moved to Mondays guess what Vince did he brought Y2J & Edge & Morrison to RAW! Vince was ready for anything they had but they couldnt do crap about it so they ran back to Thrusday LMAO!

  • Mannul

    Laid,you put two scentences together there haha.

  • effmenow


    and that is the stone cold truth

  • Laid

    Primo is the King of Superstars is like his home.

  • me

    primo back on the jobber squad, and soon to be future endeavoured

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