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More On Ric Flair UK Tour Incident, TNA Roster’s Reaction

* Read the original story on the incident HERE.

– To update on the Ric Flair incident in Dublin, Ireland, it is said that Flair allegedly played hardball, not getting on the bus after his request for a financial advance was refused. As this kind of thing has occured before and with Flair refusing to get on the plane, a decision was made to leave him behind.

One source revealed that because of Flair’s outburst, members of the roster were in favor of leaving Flair, some even mocking him, using his “signature promo lines” after the bus left without him.

There was also talk that Flair’s legendary “partying” habits on the tour may have also had something to do with his decision not to get on the bus.

Finally, just to clarify, TNA management did not send Flair home. He was simply left behind after “blowing up” and subsequently refusing to travel, and is likely still in Europe.

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  • shiftysandy

    room would work better

  • shiftysandy

    if tna want all these stars then they have to pay them, although i didn’t want ric to be in the sh!t company, sounds like tna is cheap i doubt all the workers actually get paid, and sounds like the tna locker roo is full of snickers little school girls

  • Clara711

    Do we have comments from Ric himself? It isn’t 1985 and the appeal Andre brought to the WWE in 1985, Ric certainly does not to TNA today.

  • shiftysandy

    and as for setting an example for tna’s younger talent. if they spent more time trying to learn something from the man rather the ridicule him they would get alot further, why the hell are this half asses wrestlers in a piece of shit wrestling company mocking a great man when none of them will be remembered in 40 years as being as good as ric, they are p!ss ants in comparision

  • shiftysandy

    flair is one of the greats and if he wants to fucking party on and ask for an advance who are you to judge him? just sit at your desk and desk and complain
    in this day and age people are getting very fkn soft, you think they would have done that to andre in 1985? we all know he used to drink atleast 50 beers in one sitting..
    tna being cheap again, flair pisses on tna

  • Vinny

    just Flair being Flair


  • brayker

    flair is, was, and always will be one of THE best in the buisness. but come on! act your age, and lead the younger genteration to keep the buisness going. TNA will survive, but it needs to really push the people that put them on the map, not the big name old retiree’s that draw crowds just because of their name. they need to stay in the back and mentor.

  • The King

    lol not at all surprised…but seriously this piece a sh*t needs to grow up already & needs to FINALLY RETIRE!!! for good…like enough is enough now…its no wonder why hes always BROKE!!! & getting DIVORCED!!! & gets his A$$ beat by women…i had lost all respect for this prick since the day he took out his old wrinkled d*ck & pissed on the WWE & the Huge send off They gave him…GROW THE F*CK UP ALREADY RIC!!!! its 2011 not 1981

  • shiftysandy

    i’m going to p!ss on tna’s grave and you fairys can clean it off

  • Clara711

    TNA’s policies hardly seem fair but as previously mentioned, everyone else has to deal with it! Flair needs to go. He should have left the business years ago with some credibility in tact.

  • CC

    @M. Yet no other wrestler needed an advance? Flair has always been bad with money, and its not TNAs fault for once. The only person to blame for Flair running out of cash is Flair.
    You’d think that a guy his age would be able to go to an ATM and draw out funds, but it would seem his bank account is once again empty.

    Not many companies will give cash advances, so why should TNA be any different. I’m sure WWE wouldnt be too willing to do it either.

    As someone said above, Flair needs to grow up.

  • gargoylerich

    @CM Mark and shiftysandy: its not even about how well the promotion is doing, its about accountability. What, is everyone supposed to bring extra cash because they know Flair will run through his? At his age, he needs to wind it down a bit. At least he’d providing an example of what not to do for the younger guys.

  • shiftysandy

    TNA is sooo poor, tna will be dead before 2012

  • CM Mark

    TNA doesn’t have the funds for Flair to style and profile the way he wants to. I mean Hogan just took a paycut didn’t he? I fear Flair is on the way out too.

  • M

    This is EXACTLY why you should NEVER sign a contract with TNA… because they don’t care about their talent. Hope you learned your lesson Flair:)

  • Kim

    I’m sorry this story is funny. What is flair 5? throwing a tantrum and refusing to get on the bus? He really needs to grow up.
    Love everyone’s comments.

  • JOE

    LMFAO!!!!!!!! at albert and cm mark

  • CM Mark

    If you wanna be the man, you gotta feed the man! Whooooooooooo!

  • Albert

    Flair is walking around the streets of dublin right now with a sign that says “WILL STRUT FOR MONEY, AND WILL WOO!!! FOR FOOD”

  • Evil Doink

    How is he supposed to get out of Europe without any money?

  • Mike Oxafloppin

    I smell the plot to Hostel Part III