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More on the Flair-TNA Situation, Details on Backstage Problems in TNA

– Several TNA wrestlers are rolling their eyes at the news of Ric Flair coming back to the current UK tour. The decision to bring Flair back on the tour is said to be a financial one. The feeling was that they needed to keep Flair on the tour to maintain good relations with the local promoters and the fans. This is the same reason Matt Hardy was added to the tour after a number of recent changes with Kurt Angle leaving as well as injuries to AJ Styles and Alex Shelley.

Most of the TNA crew was in favor of leaving Flair behind in Dublin earlier this week and aren’t happy about him coming back. Several wrestlers spoke up to TNA officials in the past day, pushing for him to be sent him and even released from the company.

On the other hand, a lot of the TNA talents feel sorry for Flair. One TNA wrestler, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said Flair has asked several co-workers for money when his credit cards have been declined.

Another source says that the younger TNA stars have began to unite against the veterans with the feeling that they’re the ones carrying TNA with their work while some of the veterans treat TNA like it’s their “country club.”


  • Brenda

    Ric Flair is the reason why I started watching TNA in the first place. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have been exposed to & come to appreciate guys like AJ Styles, Beer Money, Gen Me, MCMG, Doug Williams, etc. If the ratings aren’t up & TNA isn’t making any money, you can’t blame Flair or any of the other talent. Instead of bringing in useless pseudo celebrities, they should be spending money on advertising. It doesn’t matter who they bring in to generate interest, if nobody knows about it then viewership will remain the same. They should also hire better writers/bookers who can create intriguing & consistent storylines w/o taking time away from the matches. Last but not least, they should get rid of all the pay-per-views. One every month is excessive. It’s costing them too much money & w/ the low buyrates, they’re not getting the return on their investment.

    Back to Flair, I feel sorry for him. As a longtime fan, I hate to see him in this predicament. Yes, he’s made some bad decisions in his life, but that doesn’t make him a bad man. I hope that things get better for him.

  • Matt

    i feel for him a little, but to be completely honest he shouldnt have married 50 women, its just moronic.

  • Vinny

    @ Joe, wwwwwwoooooooooooo!

  • Ronald

    Can you imagine if someone that knew what they were doing bought TNA from Dixie “No Clue” Carter? They’ve got the talent and the (albeit small) fanbase. A quick name change, parsing of the roster and traveling show….. this company could really gain some ground. Right now, they’re stuck in the mud and sinking fast.

  • shiftysandy

    lmao tna is a country club

  • shiftysandy

    i’m glad people like this wont be defending tna much longer:)

  • CC

    Why would it be because TNA are having money issues that they refused?
    If they are paying him his wage anyway, financially for them it makes no difference when its given to him.
    The fact is, like most companies throughout the world, giving advances to staff without a genuine reason is not something they like to do.

    Look at it from this point of view, what if they give him the advance and then he leaves? Means TNA would have to go through a costly legal process to get it back.

    Simple fact is that Flair has been in the business for more years than most of the younger guys in TNA put together, and has earned more money in a year than most of the TNA roster will see in their lifetimes, yet the younger guys dont seem to have run out of money on this tour.

    Those guys are young, and green compared to Flair when it comes to world tours, yet they can understand the concept of planning a budget to survive while overseas, and Flair cant.

    I dont like TNA these days, but in this case they are 100% in the right to refuse Flairs petulant demands, although at the end of the day, they only have themselves to blame for taking on these old men.

  • shiftysandy

    i feel they should be giving him more respect, flair has been wrestling better then any of them have been alive, none of anyone buisness whats someone finanical situation is, tna would only refuse if the were having cash flow issues, dont burn a bridge with flair he will just go tell his buddy paul and they will always be working in a p!ss ant Sh!tty company with no money 😀

  • Jason

    WCW all over again.

  • Orkyboy

    They need the old guys for the TV execs and advertisers. Who will invest in a show with people they have never heard of?

    Even if they have never watched wrestling before there is a good chance they will have heard of Hulk Hogan or other “name” stars, such as the Hardys. It doesn’t matter how good the wrestler is if the people with the cash say “AJ who? No thanks, I’ll advertise during a program with someone in that I know about”

    People can rant on about how good indie guys are but they won’t bring in a penny of advertising or TV revenue and will end up in the Tv show quietly being cancelled

  • RAMSES 2


  • Ronald

    TNA just feels like WCW all over again. And I’m not talking about the obvious comparisons everyone goes back to. First of all, the big names get special treatment, which rubs the true workers the wrong way. That’s bad news for backstage morale. Also, look what they’re doing with the whole “Ochocinco” thing. Wow. This brings back horrible memories of Jay Leno and Karl Malone. Yeah… you’ll get some media coverage, but will you really bring in new “wrestling” fans? Doubtful. People will write about it, watch it, you’ll make your money, then go right back to where you were except any remnant of your dignity will be long gone! TNA was looking really good just a couple years ago, why’d they want to ruin it?

  • Satan

    Who gives a shit if Flair is having financial troubles who’s fault is that??? he should have invested in something now he’s screwed i don’t feel sympathy for him he can be paid being a backstage personality because no one wants to see him on their TV screen anymore i’d rather watch AJ Styles,Frankie Kazarian,Jay Lethal,MCMG,Beer Money ya know’ someone with actual talent.

  • Me

    If Flair has been having financial troubles, then maybe he should have stayed with WWE and continued making real money, instead of the peanuts that TNA is probably paying him. Even if Flair wasn’t actively wrestling in WWE, he could have done just about anything else working within the company

  • JOE

    @vinny it s wwwwooooo not whhhoooooo lol

  • Vinny

    I want Flair back in WWE. Whats it gonna take Flair? Whoooooo!

  • kane

    it’s hard for me to feel sorry for flair. others in wrestling have lived the high life like flair and/or have been divorced many times just like flair has and have saved their money. it’s a bad economy for millions, not just flair, but the majority of people having hard times won’t ever see a third of the money that flair made in his career. it’s sad that he has gone from being at the top of the wrestling world to having stories like this float around about him. i hope this is a false story, but given his history it’s probably true. i hope he can get everything together and we never have to watch him go through this again.

  • Evil Doink

    It’s obvious Flair is desperate, otherwise he wouldn’t have wasted his time with TNA in the first place.

  • brayker

    well i think dixie and jeff wanted the big names in TNA to draw the crowd and get ratings, but i think even in WWE, you see more of the younger generation getting the push. TNA needs to do the same. hogan and bishoff may have taken pay cuts, but sounds like flair won’t. time to move on from the 40+ year old wrestlers.

  • CM Mark

    I think it’s become pretty clear that the Hogan era hasn’t really added much to the income of TNA. While I feel sorry for Flair, and I think he deserves to be treated with more respect, I am sure he knew how much money he would have coming into this and he should have prepared for the tour better. The 80’s are over Flair, no more Rolex watches for you, sorry man.

  • Rich

    damn i agree with them..they were in tna first and thats there company..guys like AJ Styles,Samoa Joe,Jay Lethal,Kazarian,Abyss,and the MCMG were in TNA wayyyyy before the veterans boguarded there way into TNA..on the other hand i didn’t know Flair was broke