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More on The Rock’s Return to RAW Tonight

– The Rock called John Cena out on tonight’s RAW, saying he wanted to see Cena face-to-face at WrestleMania 27. Rock brought up how Cena had talked trash about him once he left WWE. The Rock continued to mock Cena’s look and his gimmick, which the fans ate up.

The Rock teased confrontations at WrestleMania with Cena, The Miz and anyone else who was there.

  • Paton

    Cena v Rock HAS to happen at some point. The building would be ROCKING

  • Trixie

    ugh no to number 3 bazerko.

  • Bazerko

    Three possible scenarios:

    1.Cena vs Rock at Summerslam
    2.Cena vs Rock at WM28
    3.Cena and Rock vs Nexus in a handicap match somewhere down the line

  • Rich


  • DipsyDonna

    I LOVE THE ROCK!!! I haven’t watched wrestling in years and have been hoping and secretly praying that he would come back and finnnnnalllly he returns sexxxxy as ever!! sucks that i had to work and missed it but thanks to Youtube i saw most of it :)!!!! YAHHAAAA! love him love him love him

  • TomC

    Gotta agree with most of the sentiments above – this was DEFINITELY a good move for the WWE – and a Rock v Cena match at WrestleMania would be HUGE and would most certainly up the buy rates.

    If Rock is simply a “guest host,” I’m not sure how exciting it will be outside of his brand of wit and sarcasms … which are awesome, don’t get me wrong.

    The one thing I didn’t like about The Rock’s speech last night was the complete ambiguity about his being “back” and “never leaving.” What the hell does that mean? OF COURSE he will leave – he’s a bonafide ACTION MOVIE STAR now. There is NO WAY IN HELL he’s going to return for any kind of a full-time (or even part-time) wrestling schedule. (I would LOVE to be proven wrong, believe me).

  • blah

    ^^^^^ what he said

  • Buttercastle

    @nando sure maybe drop Cena sales, but imagine sales on Rock merch.

  • Vinny

    Great seeing the Rock… his promo was classic! The look on michael coles face when he was slumped in his chair after the Rock gave him a verbal beatdown was absolutely great. Whoever thought of that idea with Rock, Cole and the RAW GM is awesome.

    I see they bleeped out the beginning of Rocks promo, but afterwards just let him go at it. I haven’t actually seriously laughed at a promo in years like I did last night. Classic.

    The Rock should come back for a year or two, have a program w/ Cena and maybe someone else in the meantime.

  • Evil Doink

    You were right Vince, that was a HUGE announcement. The fans thank you.

  • Jacob

    Best ending to Raw in 7 years…no BS

  • nando

    the best way to turn Cena heel at WrestleMania. But… with the possibility of merchandise drops, Vince will just not let that happen.

  • mark

    rock bottom rock bottom on cena

  • Treg

    I totally marked out. For the first time in YEARS I was actually excited while watching wrestling. The Rock’s promos are untouchable to today’s crop of wrestlers..rr I mean sports entertainers.

    Though, Rock got bleeped so many times. I don’t see how The Rock character can live inside the PG era. This puzzles me. Will he be toned down?

  • chilly

    okay, so just to add to all of this.

    After that promo, I remembered why I watched wrestling. I had goosebumps from it, even the rock had goosebumps (HDTV is amazing for detail), and i’m sure anyone who remembers him from his time 7+ years ago would say the same.

    He didn’t just tear apart cena, he ripped the miz, michael cole, and the anonymous general manager. These are all their headliners right now who have been getting those major pushes, and they were all put in there place in 15 minutes. That was the first time i legitimately laughed at a promo in a long time.

    someone people are saying he came back and said the same lines, and that he is no different than cena. there is a large difference. The Rock knows how to re-use his sayings. He applies them to the changing audiences and works the crowd. (The closest cena has had to this was his “farewell” promo where he had the “let’s go cena, cena sucks” chant).

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the ratings come in at like a 2.5 or something terrible for the first hour and a record setting number for the final segment.

    and for all who have opinions of justin beiber, like or hate, check this out ..

  • Bazerko

    If Cena vs Rock does happen I am thinking the Rock goes over. I only say this because in his last 2 matches he put over Goldberg and Evolution…so Vince owes him one lol

  • Stashathan

    dont be a hater, you wuss
    the joke? the joke is on you
    i bet you were one of the ones who wanted Beiber as host

  • chilly

    it would have been insulting having cole announce anything

  • chris

    Welcome back Rock! You been missed

  • Joe

    the only thing missing was JR and King on commentary. the reaction The Rock got was amazing but all i could do was wonder what it would have come across like on TV if JR was yelling “Oh My God! It’s The Rock!” the dead air from Cole and Matthews really kinda agonizing to watch just because a return like that should have had the announcers going crazy instead of saying nothing at all

  • Trixie

    mike, yeah he said the same things, but that’s what the people wanted. You know, nostalgia and all that.

  • cndy

    best raw in years…

  • mike

    been 7 yrs and the rock came bak to say the same lines n the same jokes n peopel luv it lol wat a joke

  • hey yo!

    If I were Vince I’d throw a BIG BIG money, tv/ppv light house contract at “The Rock” to come back and wrestle for 2 years.
    Perfect way to turn Cena or have a classic face vs face feud.

  • matt

    just wish jerry was able to be there to commentate when rock came out he always went nuts over the rock esp every time he came back icing of the cake would of been the real commentary team jr and king!!!! would of made things beyond epic an made alot of people re live things 10 years ago

  • The rock will layeth the smackdown on cena’s candy ass, then he will take that hat of his, shine it up really nice, turn it side ways, and stick it up his candy ass!!!

  • Adrian

    These kids need to realize not everyone likes Cena. I am glad that someone with a lot of political pull can make Cena look like the joke he is. Cena just got cut down by the king of cut downs.

  • Adrian

    These kids need to realize no everyone likes Cena. I am glad that someone with a lot of political pull can make Cena look like the joke he is. Cena just got cut down by the kind of cut downs.

  • Joel

    He’s back, but for how long? Is it only to host WM 27, or is he staying? He said something before about coming back. Is this the only big thing he said he’d do? Is there more? There’s this thing between Rock & Cena now. Is The Rock really staying? Wrestling?

  • yeahh

    i dont care if cena wins i dont care if the rock wins this will be a match of a life time to see the rock wrestle agian IT DOSENT MATTER who the rock faces at WM hes gonna lay the smack down on their candy @$$

  • adam

    If they were to fight rock wouldn’t lose. I know its a one time thing but FINALLY THE ROCK IS BACK

  • if cena vs the rock happens they will let cena win like the hogan/rock match so its like passing on the torch but kids will see how awesome wrestling was when the rock and stone cold ruled it theres only ones peoples champ and his truly the legendary great one the rock

  • Titan

    What I do smell is super mega cena beating the rock in wrestlemania.

  • Van Burton

    id rather seen scott hall

  • mark



    the rock said he wasnt leaving…… but you know he is