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– The Undertaker has been pulled from several shows on WWE’s November tour of Europe. Taker was advertised in matches against Kane and Big Show but new listings have the matches as Kane vs. Big Show.

As noted earlier, Taker is expected to be taking time off for shoulder surgery after the Bragging Rights pay-per-view.

– Goldust confirmed on Twitter that his wedding with Aksana would take place in two weeks on WWE.com’s NXT. Goldust also mentioned that he would be in the house for Sunday’s Bragging Rights.

  • paul

    shut ur mouth taker doesnt need to retire he following a script u idots
    sure they brought him back too early perhaps ur opinions should be directed at wwe writers they r the ones who came up the idea to make it kane attacked taker wud have made more sense if it were nexus taker is stiff by far the toughest guy ive seen on wwe.

  • Nikki

    anyone think aksana and maryrse will catfight tonight at bragging rights or do some sort of thing like they did on monday night raw

  • Davey Zoo

    I said it before but… Undertaker to lose, and come back at WM 27 to win World Heavyweight Title. Kane Retires. Undertaker has another match that night to unify the titles and also gets him to 20-0.

  • Dom

    taker will just watch ufc on his time off anyways

  • Kelly

    yechiel it will NEVER be broken for a reason.

  • yechiel

    taker is pathetic. this all “taking time off” is b.s. please do yourself{and us all}a favor and retire already. it’s really sad to see you wrestle and it’s not fair to the rest of the roster. what about the streak?this is b.s!!! it needs to be broken{even by cena!!! i guess i rather suffer than for the stupid streak to continue}

  • Starship Pain

    Please Taker, don’t become the new Hogan, please…

  • Speedy23

    @kpnuttzlol- I don’t mind Foley. He’s tolerable and whenever he gets in the ring he’s doing what he’s always done, meaning just fighting, lol. There is almost no wrestling about it. Love that guy.

  • Flying Papa Schmaps

    My milkshake brings all the yaks to the yard.

  • kpnuttzlol

    I wish Taker would retire soon.He’s been in the business a long time and become a phenom but hes constantly out of action now.Hes been back at the most 2 months and hes going again it was pointless bringing him back really.
    Its kinda dissapointing that hes probably not going on the European tour as he missed it in April aswell this year. :(

    @ !? Your right.Some guys need to find their dignity and walk away from wrestling with it *cough Ric Flair *cough Mick Foley* *Cough Hulk Hogan*


    So this is pretty much like a spoiler then, I would say you should put spoiler over it but I understand ya’ll reasons not to since it just news. I hoping this is Undertaker last wrestlemania, he needs to retire and give his body a rest from actively competing for well over 20 years.

  • !?

    Taker just give it up and retire with some self-dignity. I don’t get it with these old guys, they just want to wobble around the ring like someone wants to see them. I’m” surprised that I even put up with Kane (Well I am a Kane mark so that answers that). These guys need to take notes from HBK and Nash.

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