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More on Triple H Having More Power in WWE, Elimination Chamber News

– Unless WWE officials change direction and book a title change at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view, current plans have Edge and The Miz as the two champions who will be defending going into the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view.

– Most people within WWE are positive about Triple H having more influence and power in the company these days. There’s a feeling that while Triple H has had some power for years now, this will be the first year of what will be a transition from Vince McMahon to Triple H as the guy leading the company. The transition will likely be a very slow one as there is no indication that Vince is giving up power. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are considered to be the successors to Vince’s throne, so to speak.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • kamoteng kahoy

    yeah most comments here are really hilarious but i kinda miss the old trolling ones hahaha

  • Kim

    I was reading all of your comments and thanks you made me laugh. I needed a laugh tonight. It will be interesting to see how HHH changes things or if he does as he takes over. I think he has more of an idea what the fans want than Vince does now.

    @ the poster above me I second that.

  • kamoteng kahoy

    Hey Trips, can you kindly create a decent tag team, divas and cruiserweight divisions once you take over? Can you also put more emphasis on the midcard titles (US, IC)? Please, please? Thanks. The other WWE staples you can use ie, big man fetish, etc..

  • HeartBreakHill

    Breaking News: John Cena is WWE’s most popular star right now and is rumored to be main eventing WrestleMania for the title for the seventh straight time.

  • David


    I believe he was trying (at first) to get his hands wet in MMA and now he’s over in china… could be trying to get under the Chinese’s belt to win over some cheap programming for the WWE, who knows the real agenda…

  • Tom… Just Tom

    @john… I can’t help but wonder why Shane O’Mac left the WWE. I don’t remember there being any explanation for his departure.

  • john

    I think we knew this when Shane left the company.

  • Zach

    LOL @ another Middleton fail.

  • nobody

    Wait…let me get this right. If Miz and Edge retain their titles at this PPV they’ll be champions at the next PPV? And if they lose, then they won’t be? WOW BREAKING NEWS!!!

  • David

    They also plan on trying to get the crowd to mimic R-Truth during his entrance and have the camera zoom in on a wrestler’s face and then pan away for 10 seconds during a promo.

  • luckysalt

    This whole news story, is like, duh, no shit!

    You could have added WWE plans to keep Divas on the roster in 2011 but keep their storylines to a minimum. They also plan to hardly bother with a Tag Team division.