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Awesome Kong Joins WWE, Updates from FCW, Justin Roberts

– WWE’s developmental territory Florida Championship Wrestling has re-done it’s website with an updated look.

– There will be a TLC Match, a Generation X Rumble and a Lumberjill Divas Match at the FCW New Years Explosion show on Friday, January 14th at the Port Charlotte Fairgrounds.

– WWE announcer Justin Roberts is celebrating his birthday today.

– As noted before, WWE sources are reporting that former TNA Knockouts Champion Awesome Kong has signed with the company but it’s still not confirmed. One source says that Kong was brought to WWE headquarters in Stamford about a month ago.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • Nicholas

    This is the first of many former TNA young talent heading to WWE. I love how the IWC already thinking how she is not going to do well in the WWE. Thinking WWE Divas divison is going to be bad. Dude the moment Natalay won the WWE Divas title the divison change. Because Natalya is going to bring some pride back to the Divas divison because that is something the Heart family are known for. Awesome Kong is was plain as I could see that she was coming to the WWE. TNA has lost a lot of its creadlity to push good talent. I believe the next former TNA star to join WWE will be Joe.

    In closing Awesome Kong will do just fine in WWE.

  • Jeff

    lol wwe cant use the name “awesome kong” its under TNA’s…….what they wwe gunna do now change it to..”Donkey Kong”

  • Saintsman

    this is a different WWE than when Chyna was around, back then, Divas had alot of talent and could take on most of the guys that wrestle today. These days, they don’t care about skill. just looks. pretty faces win matches hese days. not talent.

  • terry

    they are gonna put her in the royal rumble, she could take out a few ppl, lol just kidding

  • VengeVega

    Hopefully they will, down the road, let her fight against guys. She’s big enough and strong enough. If Chyna can do it so can KONG. Or they will job her and make fun of her weight….

  • Wrestling Guru#1

    They will mock how heavy she is watch!

  • keylo

    Will Henderson
    Date: Dec 29, 2010 at 7:49 PM

    i can see it now, Kong vs. LayCool,she’s gonna kill em all in the Divas Division if she did signed with the WWE.

    Yeah right as if Taker will allow that to happen, and 6the one I want to see is her against Mark Henry to massive whales going at it, or she could fight Big Show as she is fat enough

  • erik

    @lvw wwe is going to have awesome kong job to dumb barbie doll models kelly kelly bellas layla and eve just like they did to victoria.

  • shawn

    if its a fcw I wont hold my breath, ya know? maybe they want to see more of her and nitpick too. figuratively speaking of course.

  • LVW

    @Saintsman- you mean WWE is going to have an Awesone Kong/Gail Kim feud; like TNA did?

  • Saintsman

    Yup, it’s gonna be what i said ages ago. If she goes to WWE, they gonna ruin her until she’s lost all of her credibility in the wrestling world. She gonna job job job and then get released. WWE makes it clear they don’t really care about the divas. thats why they never have a real storyline. just cut and paste something they did a month ago. Or cut and paste something they saw in another company.

  • me

    this is cool but watch wwe writers screw it up they will make her laycools body guard some stupid crap like that would love to see her feud with Beth Phoenix or smash laycool

  • centerman

    I’m nervous about what the WWE writers will do with Kong. They’ve gotten so used to “Pretty” Divas. I don’t trust them to use her effectively for very long.

  • jay

    It will be great to see Kong put on a show… too bad we cant see Kong vs. Lita.

  • Will Henderson

    i can see it now, Kong vs. LayCool, Kong vs. AJ, Kong vs. Naomi, Kong vs. Beth, Kong Vs. Natalya, Kong vs. Melina, and maybe a rebirth of the feud that put the Knockouts Division in TNA on the map, Kong vs. Gail Kim. she’s gonna kill em all in the Divas Division if she did signed with the WWE.

  • Wade

    This is exciting news for the divas division. Hopefully bringing Kong in means that the WWE are going to be taken the divas seriously. Hope she comes in as a dominating heel, maybe as LayCool’s bodyguard.

  • Evil Doink

    I almost hate to say it but, IT’S ABOUT TIME! I see lots of possibilities here. I’m almost looking forward to seeing Kong vs. Beth Phoenix.