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- To update on my previous report, the offer to Brock Lesnar is for a one-night only return at WrestleMania 27. This was what The Undertaker was referring to last night when he asked Lesnar if he wants to do it.

Many people who were worked for WWE at the time Lesnar decided to leave aren’t happy that the UFC star is being offered a big payday to return for WWE’s biggest event of the year. Many feel that he “crapped on the business” by walking away, especially after being given the big build up as a monster star.

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  • Dom

    lesnar is not the biggest ufc star in my opinion buys like gsp, anderson silva and bj penn more fans, lets be honest wwe takes away the competitive side of fighting its like each of the ‘performers’ has someone pulling the strings which isnt really fair to superstars like chavo or christian who have more talent in their left leg than cena has in his whole body

  • RawIsWar

    Im sure if Brock Lenser went to UFC and looked awful and lost every match he was in the WWE wouldnt want him back but since it’s the total opposite and he’s become this hugh UFC star even wining the most the biggest prize the UFC has offer (UFC Heavy Weight Championship) then of course the WWE would want him back for 1 night at WM.

  • RawIsWar

    @andre lewis And are you telling me Brock Lesner isnt or wasnt (since he just lost his UFC championship)the Hugest name in the UFC? like Floyd is to boxing… I’d say he’s still a Hugh UFC star regardless if he lost his UFC heavy weight Championship.

  • Legjendat

    only the legend killer should be allowed to end taker’s streak, IF.

  • andre lewis

    brock lesnar was the most over guy back in the day and 2 the guy who said that little boxer that lil boxer just happens 2 be one of the best fighters in the world even though hes a dick but hes a huge star in boxing but back 2 what i was saying lesnar could do wonders 4 wwe again the ppl loved him the f-5 was the hottest move why do you think cena had a similar move i gurantee everyone on here lesnar vs taker would draw ratings

  • Dave

    @ Dom
    They only offered for him to come and do one match, not stick around for years and be miserable. I could only imagine how much money the WWE offered him…

  • Dom

    Thats a stupid idea ufc made lesnar happy not wwe and lesnar to go back to what he said was the worst years in his life would be stupid

  • Dave

    howdaworldtwerks, WWE doesn’t necessarily care if they are any good in the ring together. Brock is a former WWE champion and arguably the most popular (I didn’t say best, so don’t argue with me) UFC champion ever. Throw him in the ring with a name like Goldberg and you’re talking big buys for the pay-per-view. Regardless who Lesnar fights, if he does, Taker/Lesnar would be a phenomenal draw as well. It’s called good booking.

  • erik

    @ howdaworld twerks remember ufc legend ken shamrock who was big king and draw for ufc in 90′s was special ref in austin vs hart submission match.

  • http://www.myspace.com/paulthorn1 Chris Andrews

    If Undertaker’s streak was ever in any real danger of being broken,The writers in WWE would have let Shawn Michaels beat him at WM 26. The match was their second in a row at Wrestle Mania, and both of them was 5 star matches. I think the match at WM 25 was better; but I guess it was because it happened first. I know that WM 26 was Shawn’s going away party; but seriously if you was the WWE writers and was told to find a way for Undertaker to lose at WM, and for it to make sense, then the rematch he had with Shawn at WM 26 was their best shot. If Taker loses to anyone now, the fans would riot.

  • Jeffery

    If that did happen taker would still win..Because why would WWE want taker to lose to Brock..Think about it 10-20yrs down the road you look at Takers opponents and be like..:”Taker lost to Brock Lesnar” who is that guy dad?…”oh son jus some wash up”

  • http://www.youtube.com/howdaworldtwerks HowDaWorldTwerks

    Dave, thats the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Did you see Goldberg vs Lesnar? One of the worst Wrestlemania matches ever. But then again, they did pay for that little boxer to come in and beat Big SHow, and Donald Trump, so who knows.

  • Dave

    I would love to see Lesnar come back for a match at WM27 and talk crap about pro wrestling or something and then DUN…DUN…DUN-DUN-DUN GOLDBERG GOLDBERG GOLDBERG – They both had their last match together and rematch would be good for business with the right hype. WrestleMania 27 would make serious bank with names like that. Lesnar/Goldberg, Cena/Taker, Sting/…Orton? Idk, but still

  • Kelly

    Heads up I found another spelling error for you “Many people who were worked for WWE” should be “Many people who have worked for WWE”

  • andre lewis

    lesnar back in wwe would be badass wwe is 2 damn tamed nowadays godamn why not have lesnar back wwe has changed so much since 2004 when he was in it and when he left wwe pushed john cena as the biggest star on smackdown but if he came back what would this mean 4 wwe when brock was on smackdown back in 02 til he left in early 04 smackdown ws the shizzznit back then you had eddie guerrero rapper cena pre chaingang days jbl booker t benoit my god what happened 2 guys like that raw sucked at that time with evolution dominating the show it was so annoying but lesnar = money id rather see him then boring ass cena or sheamus or any other halfassed powerhouse wrestler

  • RCA

    And those wrestlers who feel like he crapped on the business are right. I won’t take anything away from his in ring ability which was pretty good but man, is he a bitch. Not sure if I like this idea for WM27. Undertaker isn’t going to lose so you’re essentially bring Brock back in for a one time loss.

  • Patrick

    Hopefully he WON’T come back. I don’t wanna see Lesnar in WWE again. He is just not worth it! I would rather see Taker vs Cena or Sheamus.

  • Andrew

    It probably won’t happen…Dana White has gone on record saying he won’t let his fighters participate in pro wrestling due to possibility of injury or something (hence why the deal w/ him and Lashley fell through). For this to go through, Lesnar would have to drop UFC, and I doubt he’d ever do that -_-;;

    but never say never, if it happens, it would be pretty cool to see it, and i agree w/ you, kannon!

  • Evil Doink

    I love this idea. Would Lesnar’s UFC contract be holding him back in any way?

  • Rob

    Wat if they did Goldberg/Lesnar 2?

  • kannon

    this would be a nice match at wm27. better then cena vs. taker, or goldberg vs. taker.

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