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When Morgan Re-Signed with TNA, Backstage Hardy News, Impact

– Announced for Thursday’s Impact Wrestling is the return of Gut Check and Hulk Hogan’s response to threats from Aces & 8s. TNA is also teasing an Open Fight Night brawl between James Storm and Bobby Roode.

– As noted over the weekend, Matt Morgan returned to TNA and “crashed” two live events. Word now is that Morgan actually re-signed two months ago and has been working fans on the internet all along.

– TNA had Jeff Hardy win the Bound For Glory Series because his contract is expiring soon and they wanted to make him happy in hopes that he will re-sign.

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  • Tyler(:

    Shawn, Punk vs Hardy wasn’t one of the better fueds, infact to be honest, I don’t like Punk but he basically carried the whole fued.

  • adam

    If hardy does come back i would like him to come back in wwe as a heel and bring the anti christ superstar he was in tna. That is when he was at his best before he went all druged out.

  • RPM

    pretty dissapointed, would have liked to see morgan in WWE but oh well.

  • poko

    Why would Hardy go back to the WWE? I think they would bring him back because, honestly, they need some babyfaces who can get over with the fans, but I can’t see him being happy with that schedule.

  • Shawn

    While I’d love to see a Hardy/Punk rematch (one of the better fueds in the last 10 years), I just don’t know how it would work now. Hardy has been gone for too long. He has had past issues. I don’t see WWE bringing him back. Too many question marks to make sense.

  • Best In The World

    Hardy vs Punk Wrestlemania 29 Book IT

  • scooter

    It was obvious like I said WWE like guys to keep quiet when they sign notice how Pac has yet to announce he’s signed even though we all know he’s finished up in Japan and should be reporting in any day now.

  • adam

    I wouldnt mind seeing jeff come back to wwe if he really does have his stuff together now. As for morgan i would be lying if i said i wasnt excited when i heard the rumors of him possibly signing with wwe. But if he was signed for this long why not have him come back sooner. I get they wanted to build up suspense maybe he is gone but come on.

  • Frank

    Matt Morgan is not a big enough name to have people getting excited about returning to the WWE….now Jeff Hardy would be a different story.

  • TheSheepDog

    Wonders if this will incite the blandy boreton outrage mob of yesterday, regarding Hardy being given privileges time after time and kept in the main parts of shows given his demeanour.