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Morrison Leaving WWE?, Mexican Legend Appearing on SmackDown, New WWE DVD

– WWEDVDNews reports that WWE will be releasing a four-disc DVD and three-disc Blu-ray set on January 31st, 2012 called “RAW and SmackDown: The Best of 2011.” The synopsis reads like this:

“For the WWE Universe, there are 4 hours of appointment television every week, as Raw on Monday nights and SmackDown on Friday nights continue to offer the most shocking, surprising, athletic, humorous, and dramatic moments on television. Now for the first time ever, the best of Raw and SmackDown are offered in one release–Raw and SmackDown: The Best of 2011. This 4-Disc DVD and 3-Disc Blu Ray release will include more than 11 hours of the best of Raw and SmackDown.

Includes the best, most outlandish, and controversial moments of the season including: The Rock’s return to WWE to become the most electrifying host in WrestleMania history Edge’s shockingly sudden retirement CM Punk’s game-changing antics and interviews and his caustic rivalry with John Cena The stunning removal of Mr. McMahon from power and Triple H’s ascension to WWE COO Randy Orton’s World Heavyweight Championship reign on SmackDown, and more!”

– There is strong talk going around WWE that John Morrison won’t be re-signed by the company when his contract expires soon.

– Mexican wrestling legend Mil Mascaras is scheduled to appear on the October 21st episode of WWE’s Friday Night SmackDown. That episode will tape this coming Sunday in Mexico City.

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  • Philzibit

    I like Morrison, but if I was in the position to give him the push, I wouldn’t. You never know when Morrison is gonna up and leave because of the ball and chain named Melina. If Melina ends up in TNA, so will Morrison, doesn’t matter what would be happening with him in WWE.

  • Lex

    John Morrison is a phenomenal performer plain and simple. Yet, I do not see improvements where he needs to improve. Mic skills for 1, u can do all the flips and bounce around the ring all u want, but if you do not have the mic skills your still very grey. The other thing is the whole Melina business, you can’t have your girl drag you by the balls around the locker room. He has zero respect amongst his peers. I have nothing against Morrison, I really am still pulling for him. But he is like the Tony Romo/ Lebron James of wrestling. Fantastic at certain points but there is still something missing. I think he needs to gain a bit of a edge, maybe the push as a heel would help. I would like to see Morrison wrestle more, he is a big version of Rey Mysterio but the reason it works for Mysterio is because the guy is 5’6. It is sad to see him lose every week on RAW now, but don’t for one minute blame this on WWE, this falls on the shoulders of John Morrison. If he would grow some balls and demand a push or show a bit more wrestling qualities or more importantly show improvement in his MIC skills he would have leverage. But getting beat every week like the brooklyn brawler is not going to get you anywhere. I wish Morrison the best and hope he can get his long waited push, but I wouldn’t hold my breath

  • venom

    Morrison was good, but he is so whipped by Melina that he ruined his run in WWE. I think his time is up in WWE. I hope he goes to TNA and becomes a maineventer there and maybe TNA would get more interesting.

  • sandman

    I hope Morrison gose to ROH were there is real wrestling not a bunch of soap stars like Nicholas G wants

  • Nicholas G

    I think Morrison is very boring an would not be sad to see him go. It is funny to me that both R-Truth and Miz has gone on to have better careers then Morrison. Maybe that is because there is something Morrison is missing very bad that is charisma an very poor on the mic. Yeah would not be surprise to see him in TNA at all. He will go there just like the rest of the WWE reject burying the guy who have been in TNA since day one. You wonder why TNA is doing so poor is because they don’t push there own guys like WWE does. It the same mistake that happen in WCW.

    But back to Morrison not going to miss him. He is just another spot monkey. Not much wrestling skills an is very boring on the mic. An to me when he wrestle it is time for a restroom break.

  • marvin


  • PoopMcDoop

    Morrison is to wrestling what my diarrhea is to your chest: a nice addition that isn’t really necessary. Morrison gave big spots in MOTB or HITC, but for the most part he can’t cut a promo, so he would never have a belt placed on him. Now all the WWE superstars can run a train on Melina without any risk of getting caught.

  • Sammo

    I’d miss Morrison if he departs, he’s clearly never met his potential in the company…

    But ever since Melina was released, the writing has been on the wall for his exit.

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    That’d be bullshit to let him go. Like others have said, he’s over with the people. Not the best on mic, but not the worst. Solid mid-carder, JTTS kinda guy. No reason he shouldn’t be in the main event title picture. Put him in the ring with Punk, Sheamus, Ziggler, and Mysterio… a great match every time. It’d be a shame to let him go, especially because of his bitch. She lost her job because of her fucking attitude, Morrison shouldn’t have to suffer because of it. And it’d be really shitty to let him go but keep Miz, R-Truth, Santino, Mason Ryan, David Otunga, and Michael Cole.

  • Freakzilla

    I wonder what would have happened to Triple H at the turn of the millennium IF Stephanie McMahone got bored of him. Morrison will never be a main eventer that was stamped for me at last years No.1 contender match at TLC.

  • poko

    It’s a shame, but he was just jobbing, anyway. The amazing thing is that he’s over with the crowd, they love him, but the WWE doesn’t want to push him. My guess is that they think letting him win would detract from their other top faces.

    I loved him as a heel, though, and I wish they’d given him a push in that direction. Letting him go could be a mistake if they lose someone else to injury.

  • JIR

    Morrison is a great talent I really don’t think WWE would let TNA just have him and the whole Girlfriend stigma he and McIntyre have on the is so unfair to their potential success

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    I wonder If Morrison ties his own shoes or if Melina lets him go outside to play after he finishes all his vegetables.

  • breezy

    all because of melina, thats completely dumb. maybe tna will be able to give him a good spot. they made christian and mr kennedy both stars. if christian never went to tna he wouldve still been a midcarder, all these years.

  • AttitudePl0x

    Why the fuck….
    Morrison’s one of the better mid-carders. He has so much potential.
    If you aren’t going to give him a push, at least make the mid-card division, aka U.S./Intercontinental division, worth something again with him being its top babyface.

  • Valo487

    I’d be sorry to see Morrison go, but maybe some time away is what he needs. He’s a great performer, maybe WWE will realize that when the Royal Rumble or Elimination Chamber rolls around and they don’t have him to create the spot of the night how valuable he was.