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– New Jersey independent wrestler Dante Dash has been added to the WWE developmental roster on FCW’s website.

– The Newman Times-Herald profiled former WWE Star Finlay’s family this week and it was noted that his son David is planning to get into pro wrestling in Japan once he graduates from high school. David is currently a top high school wrestler.

– Word going around among independent wrestling promoters is that John Morrison is asking a hefty $5,000 to make appearances. Morrison has been approached by some top indy promoters with good offers but he is asking $5,000.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • Lobo-Tony

    @Snark Mark

    PWG wouldn’t pay it but a match against Chuck Taylor would be sweet.

  • voice of reason

    whilst john morrisons name is quite big he should milk it for what it’s worth who knows in six months when people say john morrison people wont remember him.

  • Jason

    As a wrestling promoter in Texas I can say that is dirt cheap for a name like his. Tommy Dreamer charges 3,000 and Lita charges 8,000. So yeah my advice to other promoters get lots of sponsorships to cover the cost of a big venue. 5,000 seats at least.

  • CC

    $5000 for a guy who was as popular has was, is not unusual.
    People really should do some more investigating before they start suggesting that he is charging too much.

    I can say for a fact that I have heard stories direct from the UK scene where people who have been out of the limelight for a few years have been approached to do indy shows over here, and have asked for not only several thousand dollars, but also say that flights and hotels etc must be paid for as well.

  • Devil_Rising

    Why would anyone question this? He was one of the top mid-card guys in WWE for years, he was a popular star that sold merchandise.

    How much, exactly, do you think a REAL former “Top Guy” like Batista or Goldberg or Jericho would charge? I’ll tell you, they could be “asking” for a lot more than $5000 per appearance. Maybe he also just really isn’t that concerned with wrestling right now, so if someone wants him on their show, they REALLY want him. $5000 for a star of his ability and exposure level, is not THAT high.

    He could easily make that going to wrestle in Japan.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    $5000? Understandable if it was a bigger name but this is just Morrison…

  • Bill

    Looks like John Morrison won’t be competing in the Indy circuit anytime soon.

  • Nicholas G

    I wonder if he got that asking price from his girl friend. Boy that lady is going to be the end of Morrison wrestling career fast. I can’t wait to see the Morrison and Merlian drama in TNA. It going to leave me not wanting to watch TNA or care about TNA more and more. I wish TNA would build up there own talent because guys like Morrison really not going to help TNA.

  • http://lsdfk AUSTIN316

    Wrong Wrestle Zone, Finlay’s son is already in the WWE he goes by Hornswoggle LOL 😛

  • Snark Mark

    Morrison could do some great stuff in PWG. Imagine the hilarity of Morrison v. Paul London, or Joey Ryan, or Chuck Taylor.

  • LisaTheSimpson

    He just needs to go to TNA and get it over with. We all know he’ll be there in less than 6 months, anyway.

  • Stevie P

    Better than $20k for a weekend in Chyna. 😛

  • Mark

    fuck me , Keep wishing morrison

  • Gary

    Wow, i understand the rates are raised for ex-wwe stars but wow….

  • the dude

    Its a lot but the man’s got to make a living

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