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Movie On Chris Benoit Double Murder and Suicide Announced

The final days of Chris Benoit will be re-told in a new big screen ‘biographical thriller’, entitled Crossface.

SRG Films have bought the rights to Matthew Randazzo’s book Ring of Hell: The Story of Chris Benoit and the Fall of the Pro Wrestling Industry, to retell the wrestler’s story, whose career and life ended in a double murder–suicide.

Sarah Coulter has already written the first draft of the script, which is expected to begin filming late next year. Talks are underway with potential actors and directors and the film already has an IMDB page.

Coulter says, “People immediately point to steroids, never thinking about the brain trauma these wrestlers can, and do, incur in their profession, nor do they consider the rigorous schedule that keeps them working even when they shouldn t be. The Benoit story is one that needs to be brought into the light.”

More details are available here.

  • donners

    if they do this right, it could be a positive for the wrestling business.

    ‘the wrestler’ got a lot of people to sit up and pay attention to the less glamourous side of the wrestling business and actually told a story that a lot of people in the business could relate to.

    as long as they don’t try to glamourise what benoit did, or make him look like something he wasn’t, they could make a very powerful movie about the toll the wrestling business takes on people – if they keep it unbiased and don’t try to fabricate things that haven’t been released by doctors or the police, it could be a good thing.

    it’s just unfortunate that it took the horrible actions of one man to make this possible.

  • venom

    I miss Beniot the wrestler. Not the person he turned into. I can’t believe they are going to make a movie about this. I’ll go see it, but it will be uncomfortable. You know McMahon is probably having a heart attack over this because this subject keeps getting brought up as much as he would like to forget about it. This movie is going to make professional wrestling look bad. Who is going to play as HHH and HBK? Because I am sure they will have his World title win in this movie.

  • 1919

    i hate how irrational people are when it comes to the Benoit subject.. we now know it as a fact that he had severe mental issues. aswell as massive amounts of testosterone running in his system.. the man who killed that day was not chris benoit.. chris had already left us a while back.

    btw, if he had not commited suicide he would have clearly been absolved by reason of insanity.

  • Dave

    It is perfectly possible for someone with brain damage to continue to function perfectly normally for an extended period of time. Chris was a ticking time bomb. It’s just that his injuries made him a ticking time bomb for others. Edge was a similar risk. It’s just that his injuries could have caused his own death rather than the death of others. And he was lucky it was spotted in time.

  • MJ

    What i wanna know is why? I mean i was the biggest fans of benoit and when i heard what he did i took everything thst i ever had of him and threw it all in the trash. The Man killed his wife and son. The man killed his own son. Nobody can ever defend that. All of us can remember benoit as a wrestler and remember his wife as a great manager but what about his kid? That doesn’t make him a hall of famer, that doesn’t make him this amazing wrestler, at the end of the day that makes him a child kiler.

    I will not be watching this because daniel didn’t deserve for that to happen to him and niether did nancy! So Rest in Peace Daniel and Nancy! If Benoit had such bad head trama and his brain looked like it was the brain of a man with alzheimer’s then why would chris be able to function properly let alone wrestle?

  • Soulshroude

    Just let the man rest, damn. Not everything needs to be made into a movie, people!

  • JIR

    I am a fan of the work Benoit put in the ring and like everyone was shocked when everything came to light. I hope that proceeds of this movie go to the family and to hospitals working on helping with brain issues.

  • MrDr3w

    This is disgusting.

  • I3RIS3H

    Not much good will come out of this. There’s no way to get around the controversy.

  • voice of reason

    i think it’s in bad tasste but there has been movies made about ed gein, ted bundy & mark david chapman, it’s just another avenue for hollywood to make a buck that’s all.

    part of me would love to see chris in the hall of fame but what he did in the last few hours of his life procludes that.

  • bonerjams

    If i invite a girl to the movies to watch this
    Am i a dick? Lol
    Love the wrestler not the man that did this however

  • SpudimusPrime89

    This is gonna be in such bad taste.

  • Sammo

    Crossface is a very unsubtle name for the film. I’m not down with that.

  • really

    Hollywood is never accurate so need to get upset about that, if it will get ratings or money they will make it. Whatever happen to Chris he is just as much a victim as his wife and son I’m sure in his right state of mind he would never have considered killing them.

  • Starship Pain

    Don’t blame brain damage. Don;t blame steroids. Those two things have a part in the tragedy (speceally steroids, they hormones and they do some changes in body and mind)… Blame Chris Benoit.

    It’s not a good idea. Where’s the respect for the kid and the wife?

  • VenomEX

    chris benoit vs hannibal lector….WHO YA GOT?

  • JayHawk

    Let this be laid to rest I mean we all know hollywood wants to make money but a movie about what happened is just sick to me.

  • Jason

    What Benoit did was fucked up,BUT i would not call him a murderer.Murderer’s have no feelings for what they do,at the time of his death benoit had alot of steroids and growth hormones and testosterone in his blood.Plus head injures and lack of sleep,he should be in the hall of fame for what he gave us in the ring.but i do understand why wwe dont put him it.The Benoit story is one that shows us the sad under belly of pro wrestling and i think it should be told in some way..

  • moo

    Chris was a great human being and a great talent, by the sounds of it he went completely insane so people shouldn’t judge him. In his damaged mind he probably thought he was doing a good thing for his family. The Bibles placed next to the body suggest he was sending them to a better place in the afterlife, obviously it was wrong, but I don’t think Chris was evil just damaged.

    Its disgusting how WWE ignore Chris’s legacy because the are also somewhat responsible for what happened.

  • ohhh u didnt no

    I hope Danny glover plays benoint

  • d

    pearl harbor and 9/11 were major parts of u.s history

  • Josh

    I was one of his biggest fans of his in ring work and was devastated by the final acts of his life. I feel so bad for the immediate families. I have read the book and it was interesting reading I personally would rather not see this made into a movie but it is beyond my control

  • Effmenow

    Screw these people making money off of a murderer. I mean I loved Chris Beniot the wrestler but making money off of something tragic like this is just not right. Sometimes I wonder if peope have no souls or brains these days. Bunch of mindless sheep will do anything for more money.

  • Myers

    I will not be watching this.

  • cropsy

    Its probaly crossing the line by making a movie depicting such a tragedy, but they did the same thing with 9\11, pearl harbor and columbine and all those movies were pretty successful. I’ll probably see it, even if its uncomfortable.

  • jake

    This is way too soon to make a movie about this. The friends and family of the benoits are still hurting from this crap. Just like it was way too soon to make that world trade center movie(which I still haven’t seen) in fact not only is it way too soon it just shouldn’t be made into a movie. Maybe if its a documentary I could understand but not with actors portraying the benoits. Some people will do anything for a quick buck. So savage…

  • peep this

    The problem is some shit needs to be left alone. They should have said based on a true story and left the Benoit Name out.
    I personally wont watch it, accomplishments or not as a wrestler in the end by his own actions it erased what he accomplished.

  • MaNic

    regardless of how good beniot was or the memories he left us in the ring.

    what he did in his final hours will ALWAYS over shadow that.
    NO hall of fame for him.

    and there is still so much un-known about what went down other the the FACT that his killed his wife and his own son. if you don’t know the whole story how can a movie with a accurate ending be made? unless its going to end like the wrestler…

    but regardless i will go see it.

  • Chris

    I’ll watch it. No R.I.P. to Chris Benoit, but R.I.P. to Woman and their son.

    F^$# Chris Benoit!

  • PinkSinCara

    Dave took the words out of my mouth

  • Dave

    It will be uncomfortable viewing. But I will watch it.

  • Second City Saint

    this i think would just disrespect the benoit family….Benoit should be in hall of fame R.I.P. Chris Benoit

  • Snark Mark

    I’m with you guys. This movie is going to make some leaps in order to give their story an ending, and no matter what conclusion they draw it is bound to upset friends and fans.

  • Damien Phoenix

    No one really knows what happened about this except for Benoit and since he’s dead, no one really knows what actually happened so we really don’t need to see this unless somehow Benoit magically came back from the grave to tell everything and we know that wont happen.

  • CC

    Its really no different to any other movie about murders that have been made over the years. Just cause we are wrestling fans does not mean we can expect exemption when it comes to Hollywood.

  • Sean Mooney

    This doesn’t need to be made into a movie.