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Orlando Sentinel movie critic Roger Moore gave Knucklehead 1.5 stars out of four, and praised star Big Show (a/k/a Paul Wight). “Wight has charm and holds his own,” Moore wrote. “The WWE is figuring out that their stars aren’t tough guys. From Hulk Hogan to The Rock to (John) Cena in Fred: The Movie, these guys make the transition from ring to screen best by making fun of themselves.”

  • Daniel Stockwell

    CC, I think a word may be missing and it was supposed to read “are not just tough guys”.

  • Joe Piscapo

    I thought Cena held his own in 12 Rounds.

  • CC

    Show is a guy who has great comic chops, so he is a natural fit for comedy roles, but I could certainly see him take on some kind of movie bad guy role and fit that as well (probably not the main baddy, something like a sidekick a la Odd Job).

    The Rock has proved that he can tackle either role, as has Kevin Nash.

    Guys like Cena though, may possibly be a legitimate tough guy, but his problem is that his acting sucks, whatever role he takes on.

  • scooter

    I agree but I do also approve of big show going the comedy route rather than the action hero route

  • CC

    I’d like to see this guy tell a bunch of WWE wrestlers that they aint tough guys. Yeah, there will always be guys like The Honky Tonk Man who are kinda fake tough guys, but so many of the guys in wrestling certainly are legitimate tough guys.

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