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Two New Movie Roles for The Rock, WWE SmackDown Rating from Friday

– Variety reports that The Rock is now official for Bret Ratner’s upcoming Hercules movie. Rock will be playing Hercules. Production begins this October in New Zealand.

The Rock has also signed on for a movie called Ciudad. Rock will play a black market mercenary who was hired by a Brazilian drug lord to rescue his kidnapped daughter.

– This past Friday’s episode of WWE Smackdown did a 1.97 cable rating with 2.9 million viewers. This is up from the previous week’s live show on Tuesday, which scored a 1.7 rating with 2.32 million viewers.

  • sam

    The plot to Ciudad sounds strangely familiar to that of Max Payne 3…

  • voice of reason

    @ sean i even heard of kevin nash to play thor thank god he didnt same goes for hunter liam was brilliant as thor.

  • voice of reason

    @ sean my main experience with the x men world is through the cartoons from the mid 1990’s & i’ve always thought that there is something about the rock that leads to the sinister charecter i don’t know why plus i think the rock would play an awesome comic book villain in a movie

  • Sean Mooney

    @ voice of reason I always wanted to see Mr. Sinister in a movie, but why the Rock? I remember a rumor years ago that Rock was going to play Silver Surfer (and of course there was talks of Triple H playing Thor), glad neither of those didn’t happen.

  • voice of reason

    i always thought that if they made an x men 4 the rock would play an awesome mr sinister.