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MVP Disses Ryback, Melendez a Heyman Guy, More

– Linda McMahon and Chris Murphy will participate in their second US Senate debate tonight. It will air on the local Fox affiliates in Connecticut. The third debate will take place on October 15th and the final debate will take place on October 18th.

– We noted before that MMA fighter Gilbert Melendez was backstage at Tuesday’s WWE SmackDown tapings in San Jose, California. Apparently he was there as a guest of Paul Heyman.

– Mick Foley will be doing stand-up comedy tonight at the Comedy Factory in Baltimore, Maryland at 8pm.

– Former WWE United States Champion MVP took a shot at Ryback when a Twitter user asked MVP if he trained him. MVP replied:

“No because if I did he’d be able to wrestle.”

  • I swear wrestling fans and wrestlers themselves are hella negative. Whats da point of that Mvp?

  • Sym shut the fuk up

    @eric do u have parkisans or something u have no clue what your talking about suckkkkka

  • eric

    When it comes to wrestling skills mvp has better at selling moves and delvering moves. has put on godd solid matches vs beniot for us title. was great us champion. put on good match with benjamin for us title. he is alot better than ryback. ryback can wrestle. just not as good as mvp. I will say ryback is alot better wrestler than khali or kevin nash. His gimmick is bill goldberg style gimmick.

  • Eve’s left nipple

    MVP is a far better wrestler than Ryback, Not to say Ryback isn’t good but MVP was mentored by Chris Benoit who despite the controversy has been one of the best wrestlers in the past 20 years. Also MVP has become so much better since his stint in Japan.

  • Paton

    who cares, his clothesline is brilliant

  • JOE

    ^^^^^Brock lesnar’s character was a wrecking machine, and he still had great matches. Get over yourself

  • adam

    @shawn he can wrestle to a point. He is really bad a seling other peoples moves and at times his moves look really stiff. Mvp is the better wrestler..

  • Shawn

    Ryan Reeves can wrestle, but his character just needs to be a wrecking machine. Get over yourself, MVP.

  • KingAlbert

    Hahahahahahahaha thats was awesome by MVP.