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MVP Explains Why He Left WWE, Says John Laurinaitis Is Unfairly Criticized

It has been a little over a year since MVP announced he would be leaving WWE. A good amount of soul searching and discontent with his position in the organization led to his final decision.

“I guess more than anything it was that my contract was coming to a close,” he tells the Miami Herald. “I had a year left on my contract. John Laurinaitis was coming to me to re-sign like he had a number of times. I had actually been avoiding him because I hadn’t made my decision yet. I was still trying to figure out what I wanted to do. I hadn’t come to terms with my decision. “On a professional level it was a culmination of a lot of things. I just wasn’t happy anymore and felt I wasn’t being given the opportunities that I had been given previously. It was time for me to make a decision, and I didn’t want to re-sign. I asked if I could be out of that final year so I could go and pursue my original dream of wrestling in Japan.”

WWE’s Executive Vice President of Talent Relations respected his decision. MVP feels he receives unnecessary flack.

“I have to say John Laurinaitis gets a bad rap from a lot of people,” MVP said. “He is in a really crappy position. His job makes you very unpopular. He and I had a good relationship. He was the guy that hired me and gave me my first opportunity. John Laurinaitis, a.k.a. Johnny Ace, spent 10 years in Japan with the All Japan [Pro Wrestling] promotion. He and I would talk about Japanese wrestling all the time over beers.”

MVP also discusses his passion for Japanese wrestling and life after WWE. The full article is available here.

  • venom

    So Gail should quit her complaining because she got her money and left.

  • Jason

    Gail never kissed ass, she is one of if not the hardest working female wrestlers alive today. Gail only left tna the first time because of her sister having cancer and needing more money to take care of her bills. It had nothing to do with wanting to work for wwe. You guys have no idea what you are talking about. If you heard just half of the horror storys that I have heard from former wwe talent you would shit yourselfs.

  • MJ

    @Jason btw being honest about a job doesn’t get you nowhere! Gail kim kissed wwe’s ass just to come back expecting them to use her better when she only came back for the money thats it.So her complaining about her not getting used when she was just in it for the money anyways nobody gives a fuck what she says.

    MVP goes to japan and thanks wwe for the things they have done for him and doesn’t piss anyone off and leaves peacefully so he can come back whenever he wants.

    Matt hardy will never come back to wwe

  • Bill

    The reason why MVP had a good send-off from John whereas Hardy & Kim had bad ones is because MVP was polite about it, while Gail Kim walked out of a match, & Matt Hardy made crazy videos so they could fire him.

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    And there you have it. If @jason is to be believed then we can understand why TNA’s ratings are so low. It is because there help spends all their time on wrestling news sites posting and trying to defend TNA and nowhere near enough time actually working.

  • MJ

    ^ @Jason the only reason your saying that is because Gail kim is in TNA and as soon as she kissed dixie carter’s ass she became a 2 time knock out champion. Hell i have never heard so much bitching and moaning from a diva ever! She’s the female matt hardy in my opinion. She keeps talking about wwe and how bad it is when she left TNA to go back for more money and i assure you that as soon as her money runs out she’ll be begging for her job back!

    Matt hardy is just so easy to bash its not even funny! The guy who was once apart of the hardy boyz has become a joke! The only reason he came to TNA is because like gail kim he kept bitching and moaning untill he got there and he went nowhere!

    MVP atleast has some class and didn’t go to TNA like those to he went to Japan and is wrestling his heart out

  • Jason

    I would rather be honest then kiss ass for a job. MVP is kissing ass while Gail Kim just told it like it was. WWE is a joke and she was right..

  • CC

    Its guys like MVP that make people like Gail Kim & Matt Hadry look so bad.
    He was in exactly the same position as them being unhappy with the way he was being treated, yet knows that the WWE is still not something he wants to close the door on due to its standing, so he doesnt go off whining and crying. He states he wasnt happy, left on good terms, and tried something else. If that doesnt work out in the long run for him, he knows the door is still open to go back without having to kiss anyones arse.

  • Devil_Rising

    I honestly really loved MVP from the moment he came on. True, they didn’t really let his wrestling skills shine through until later, he didn’t look all that great in the ring at first and mainly just talked, but a lot of heels do that. But MVP had it all. He had a great look, he had charisma, he was unique (IE not like anyone else), he actually had a CHARACTER, which a lot of new guys (Wade Barret, *cough cough*) don’t, and as was made abundantly clear after his WM match with Benoit, he was actually a really talented wrestler.

    I thought he was the total package, him and Carlito both. And I honestly thought both of them were better and more convincing heels than people like (no offense to him) Cody Rhodes, or Barret, or Drew McIntyre, Sheamus, Miz, etc. I really thought that both of them could have been top stars, and wish they had been.

    And really, I wish WWE would bring both of them back. They honestly both made WWE tv, for me at least, more entertaining.

  • JIR

    Ray I hope your joking but if I gotta spell it out its Cole the biggest idiot in the WWE

  • I would say Vickie. Cole third.

  • Ray

    Cm Punk? Just a wild guess..

  • JIR

    OK so 1 person likes Laryngitis thats fine on a personal level he might be and ok dude but his on screen character is the second most annoying one on WWE tv we all who is first.

  • Ryan

    maybe thats why the door is still open for his return because of Johnny Ace, most other guys would be told to screw it if they didnt want to resign when they could do something with them