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MVP Reveals How He Almost Formed a Hip-Hop Supergroup While In WWE

– Former WWE Superstar MVP appeared on MLW Radio this week and revealed that he had planned to create a hip-hop supergroup with John Cena. You can hear the full interview at or on iTunes.

“When I got to Raw, I had asked Cena about making music and we discussed it. When we were on the bus together or the hotel lobby and Cena would break out some instrumentals, we’d start freestyling together and it was really a trip watching all these people say, ‘I didn’t know you could do that!’ My cousin ended up producing this really cool beat and Cena came by my house when Raw was in town. He recorded a verse on it. I recorded a verse and my idea was for the three guys on the roster who actually rap their own theme music [MVP, Cena and R-Truth], let the three of us all get together on this one track. Kevin Dunn said it was really good and that he really liked it.”

“I approached Vince with the idea and Vince wasn’t interested. What I saw was, if you take me, Cena and R-Truth and put us all together, even for a little while and let us run like a little bit of a clique, I thought it would be a lot of fun and that the crowd would really get off on it. Especially if we weren’t all on the same show. If I’m on Smackdown and those guys are on Raw, but something goes down and the music plays and here I come running out or I’m in trouble on Smackdown and those guys come running out, almost like a really cool urban hip hop stable, John [Cena] being the leader . . . the song would have been a platinum single.”

  • Mark C.

    I think we’d get a much better product if WWE allowed their wrestlers to have more input on their characters and story lines. This doesn’t sound like a bad idea to me. MVP was one of the brightest superstars on the roster when he was with the company.

  • KGM da beast

    John Cena in a black group would be funny.

  • adam

    and @jayhawk. I dont think eminem would come out with them he is a serious rapper and i just cant see him going out with john cena mvp and r truth at any time when usually eminem is against everyone.

  • adam

    It sounds like htey were trying to do the 3 live crew but in wwe and cena was just kind of going like yea ok whatever. If it happened it would of been intresting but i dont think vince wanted cena in a postion like that because then he would be a heel usually faces dont run groups and vince never wants cena to be a bad guy

  • JayHawk

    It would have been cool I think they could have thrown mark jerky in there as the muscle of the group. It could have been something but we will never know since it was turned down. Hell they could have had special guest rappers join the group to help promote dds like if they were in Detroit and eminem came out with them or snoopy dogg in la.

  • poko

    I do not believe the term “supergroup” means what he thinks it means.

  • Bill

    It would’ve been interesting to see Cena with such a drastic change of pace in his character… which is probably why Vince said no.

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    That sounds ridiculous, I have to agree with Vince’s decision there.

  • Wellsy

    And this is hardly a revelation. I think I’ve read this story every few months since MVP left WWE.

  • Wellsy

    Basically MVP wanted to ride on the coat-tails of John Cena’s success?

  • K3G

    Hahaha just had a flashback when Bigshow said Cena was the white girl and he was Kobe Bryant during their freestyle

  • SYM

    I jus want WWE to release his We Ballin Song. And No because unlike almost every other rapper Cena doesn’t write his stuff.

  • cheesehandler

    Hahahahahhaaa shut the fuck up MVP. You’re a bum!

  • OGitchida

    so what ever happened to said song ????

  • scooter