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Mysterio Comments on Cara, Name Chosen for WWE Divas Show, Zack Ryder Contest

– Zack Ryder is doing a contest on Twitter where the person best dressed up in a Ryder Halloween Costume will win a package of autographed Ryder merchandise. Tweet your pics to Ryder @ZackRyder. Four runner-ups will receive signed 8×10’s.

– Following the black Sin Cara losing his mask on last night’s SmackDown, WWE’s website published an article looking at how bad it is for a luchador to lose his mask. Rey Mysterio, who was de-masked in WCW but not acknowledged in the article, commented on Cara losing his mask:

“There’s a tradition, a heritage a pride to your mask. Masks have been a Mexican tradition for many generations. It’s a way to pay homage to our heritage. Being unmasked is the biggest dishonor for a luchador.”

– WWE fans have voted and named the Divas road trip for the new WWE Network in 2012. WWE has announced that “WWE Divas: Heels on Wheels!” will be the name of the show.

  • venom

    This SuperMysterio guy is as lame as PinkSinCara. You must be from Mexico.

  • venom

    I was hoping the Diva’s show would be called “Who Knocked up Kharma?”

  • drizzt


    I would have to disagree. His knee surgeries came from giving the fans all he has for the last 15 – 20 years. High flying and taking on all sizes. Rey has earned his respect.

  • JIR

    I have a question who is actually going to watch this crap?

  • diddy

    here is a name for a wwe show featuring the face diva’s FACE’S IN CASE’S

  • Assassino

    but poko women can’t wrestle :S

  • PinkSinCara

    Rey’s unmasking contributed to his bad karma of having multiple knee surgeries. Serves him right. Thank God I haven’t lost my mask in battle…

  • Jason

    @ Grays

    Been done. They had a different version of it and they called it King Of The Ring. Sad that the WWE doesn’t bring that back.

  • poko


    A LOT of people watch female wrestlers perform because of the skill and ability involved. You mean no one watches WWE female wrestling because of the skill and ability, because they either don’t have any, or they aren’t allowed to show it. There is a lot of difference between those two statements.

    Hell, I’d rather watch Kana or Cheerleader Melissa than Cena or Big Show any day of the week.

  • Hole420

    Tom R. shawn did you just read what Rey said ITS THERE HERITAGE. That dont mean its an option for them to wear the mask they are just proud of there heritage so they Wear then

  • Grays83718

    Idea for WWE Network

    Called “Road to Number One Contender”

    Plot – 8 WWE Superstars Compete against each other to become Number Contender for either the WWE Title or the World Heavyweight Title.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Does it matter what the divas are? Nobody watches women’s wrestling to see how well the can wrestler… They watch for their looks.

  • Devil_Rising

    That’s funny how they totally ignore the fact that Rey spent a considerable amount of time in WCW unmasked. And he sure acted like he liked it, lol. In fact, the LWO and Filthy Animals were almost entirely made up of unmasked luchadors, like Rey, Juvi, and Psychosis.

  • Logan

    Coming up on this episode of WWE Divas: Heels on Wheels.

    Has been CANCELED!

  • Tom R.

    Kevin Nash is the one who pushed for Rey to lose the mask. All masks are gimmicks in american styled wrestling.

  • shawn

    bischoff forced mysterio to take off his when he was wrestling in wcw. that mask was family heritage i believe, sin cara is a gimmick.

  • Effmenow

    WWE Divas: Silicone Broads