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Mysterio Comments on Missing Tour, Strongest Wrestlers In History

– WWE has added a photo gallery looking at some of the strongest wrestlers in history. Some of the stars include Mark Henry, Bruno Sammartino, Tony Atlas, Bill Kazmaier, Ken Patera, Ted Arcidi and Rob Van Dam.

– As noted before, Rey Mysterio has been pulled from this week’s SmackDown Tour in Cairo, Egypt due to his recent illness. Mysterio commented on missing the tour.

“Would like to apologize to all the fans out in Cairo for not being able to attend the tour due to a serious illness! Really feel bad for missing this one, but promise to make the next tour. Enjoy! 1 luv Rey619”

  • Logan

    That Van Damn lift thinks fuckin’ painful. Props to RVD he sure as hell is “One of a Kind”!

  • me

    Kane? I hope they put him on the list.

  • The Noble Geek

    @ ceejay RVD is on the list because he created the unique weight lift where you do the splits (supported by two chairs or benches) while picking up a heavy dumbbell off the floor. I don’t recall how high you have to lift it but nobody has topped Van Dam’s record of 166.5 lb yet.

  • RVD? Really? Really?