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Mysterio Posts Second Surgery Update, Kaitlyn Says She Hates Her Theme

— Rey Mysterio underwent surgery Friday after sustaining an injury to his knee. The procedure included a repair to two major ligaments in his knee and bone spurs removed.

Mysterio wrote Saturday night on Twitter: “Pain comes & goes but coping through it! Had acl, pcl, & bone spurs removed! Never felt pain like this one! All good though thx to y’all!619”

He blew out his knee while attempting a baseball slide during a match against Alberto Del Rio on the August 15 episode of Raw. There is talk that he may not be able to return to action until WrestleMania XXVIII.

— Kaitlyn accidentally revealed in a Twitter message intended as a private message that she hates her WWE entrance theme (“Let’s Go” by Hollywood Records).

“To be honest, I don’t have any criteria really or a timeline . I just hate the generic music they have for me. And u thought it would be,” she wrote.

Kaitlyn said upon learning her mistake, “Oh snap! U stop reading my DM’s hahah I accidently posted a message meant for a DM.”

  • CC

    @Bill. There was an interview that was posted on here last year, I think it was, where Kelly and another female wrestler (I forget who) both stated that they hated their music.
    Its no real surprise though, as most of the female wrestlers get given some pretty lousy music that really has no place as a wrestling entrance theme.
    An entrance theme is sposed to make you feel the excitement of whoever it is making an appearance, but most of the female wrestlers have music that just isnt attention grabbing.

  • shawn

    all right i looked it up. it was mccools that was from torrie wilson.

  • shawn

    i cant remember kk’s theme currently. wasnt it a hand-me down from torrie wilsom or am i thinking of McCools?

  • Bill

    @CC, well I’ll be damned. Even Kelly Kelly hates her theme? Where’d you hear that?

    As for Kaitlyn, I didn’t even know she had a theme…. haha. She’s not big or anything in WWE right now, so she’ll have to settle with the theme.

  • Stevie P

    I hate everything about Kelly Kelly.

  • CC

    She’s not the first to mention how much she dislikes her entrance music. Orton always hated his previous music, and Kelly Kelly has said also said how much she dislikes her music as well.
    To be fair, I dont know anyone who likes Kellys music either, its fucking shit.

  • shawn

    a wrestler complaining about a theme song! thats awesome!

  • hardlyaaron

    Hey good job on reporting the same information twice, Daniel. You are so smrt, you’re S-M-R-T!