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Mysterio Reportedly Not Jealous Of Sin Cara, Claim On Another WWE Star Who Is

Rumors recently surfaced online indicating that Rey Mysterio asked World Wrestling Entertainment officials to release him from his contract following WrestleMania XXVII. Mysterio, however, shot down the rumors on his Twitter account, saying he did not ask to be released and that he will be around for a while.

Former WCW star Konnan, a longtime friend of Mysterio, told Pro Wrestling Torch writer Jason Powell via e-mail that the assumption that the SmackDown star is bothered by the recent signing of Mexican sensation Sin Cara is way off. He said Mysterio isn’t the type to be jealous. Rather, he welcomes new talent as potential rivals or teammates.

It would appear that Mysterio and Sin Cara will be kept on opposite WWE brands for the time being as the newcomer is slated to initially work Raw live events. He made his first appearance inside a WWE ring at last night’s Raw house show in Assembly Hall in Champaign, Illinois, defeating WWE Superstars fixture Primo.

Meanwhile, Alberto Del Rio was asked to comment on WWE signing Sin Cara during an interview published earlier this week on While the article says he is “pleased” to hear WWE sign a fellow countryman, he doesn’t acknowledge Sin Cara in particular. He instead says that he’s happy WWE is using a number of Latino wrestlers, before turning the subject back to himself.

“I’m just happy this company uses so many Latino talent,” Del Rio said. “There is so much talent out there, from Puerto Rico to Mexico, just to name a few. I hope it continues like that. Because of that, I am here and getting all these opportunities.”

According to editor Bryan Alvarez, the claim of Del Rio being “pleased” about Sin Cara joining WWE is contrary to a behind the scenes story he heard. However, he would not elaborate.

source: Pro Wrestling Torch,


    Hey Im MEXICAN and i thought it was funny! Better take care of your job cause we want it!!

  • Psychomiklos

    Didn’t they force Del Rio to remove his mask because they didn’t want 2 Masked wrestlers in WWE I’m sure that’s accurate and if it is he has the right to be p***ed in my opinion. I like Del rio he had the same kind of intro to the wwe as finlay and Sheamus a true badass

  • yechiel{israel}

    everyone agrees with me in the end.

    no one was racist, it was said in jest if anything {wtf}

  • Daniel Stockwell

    Am I the only one who picked up that Anon GM’s comment was a classic South Park line?

  • someone

    well, this time i’ll have to agree with yechiel, but, wasn’t he banned????

  • TheGeo

    Del Rio isn’t mad about his mask, he wanted to start his own legacy and make a name for himself so he could in a way get out of his family’s shadow. Also, I highly doubt he’s jealous of Sin Cara, they worked in the same company for years, besides that, they have two different wrestling styles, two different characters, and above all a respect for the business. Oh, and for all the racist comments, kidding or not, some things just shouldn’t be said, especially hiding behind a computer, and to those offended by those remarks, chill out, you can’t change racism, so just relax, and stop being so uptight and trying to start fight online, it makes you no better than them.

  • Dale

    And there goes yechiel being a jerk to everyone again…….. lets keep the peace, dudes.



  • Stockshark

    HAHA you bunch of morons!!!! WETBACK LOVING BEANS EATERS!!!

  • yechiel{israel}

    shut up you bunch of cunts.

    no one is being racist

  • In Grind We Crust

    “misfit del rio
    Date: Mar 26, 2011 at 10:36 PM

    @ anon gm, a couple words for you, FUCK YOU, you ignorant piece of racist shit, dumb motherfucker, and that goes out to all you racist twats as well. Do something.”

    LMFAO he was joking you little fruit loop, don’t get your panties in a jumble.

  • M.C.

    @Anon GM, you should be careful what u say, dude. I don’t know what u meant, so I cant really judge you. @misfit del rio, don’t insult the guy like that. It makes u look like the bad guy, even if he really was being insulting.

  • Dan

    @misfit del rio. I’m pretty sure anon gm said that in a joking manor. Telling somebody to “do something” over the internet is simply ignorant. Not to mention,if you look at the facts, what he said was not at all racist, but simply fact.

  • misfit del rio

    @ anon gm, a couple words for you, FUCK YOU, you ignorant piece of racist shit, dumb motherfucker, and that goes out to all you racist twats as well. Do something.

  • lew

    I can respect another persons heritage but i guarantee if del rio didnt take his mask off he would not be in the position that he is in today

  • Anon GM

    damn mexicans, they taking our jobs!

  • Ryan

    agreed mistico gets to keep his mask but dos caras jr. doesnt thats a bit unfair but the guy is getting a push no matter what but to lose his heritage is a bit of a kick in the teeth

  • M.C.

    I could see Del Rio being jealous, he doesn’t look like a very kind person….

  • Just Saying

    Didnt rey push for mistico to be signed a few years back?

  • mark

    wot a load of shit , Reys not that kind im sure hes happy for Sin Cara to join WWE. Ive met Rey personally and he was so nice

  • Scorpion Death Drop

    I think its more the fact that Del rio had to take off his mask and sin cara gets to keep it on

  • CC

    Bryan Alvarez sounds like the typical dirtsheet guy who just has to try to stir the pot to try and make a story out of nothing.

  • misfit del rio

    Wow alvarez got it right, were all missing the point, del rio does sound jealous, Not. How alvarez got the hint that de rio is jealous off that is beyond me, pinche vato pendejo.

  • in other words typical Bryan alvarez bullshit