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Mysterio Undergoes MRI on Knee, Melina Not Allowed Into the Arena by WWE for RAW

– The Wrestling Observer reports that WWE officials were not happy with Melina joining John Morrison on the WWE live events this past weekend and as a result, did not allow her into the building for last night’s RAW in San Jose. Officials informed Melina that she was not welcome in the arena.

Melina confirmed on Twitter that she was told she couldn’t go into the arena to watch RAW but did hang outside of the building and meet some fans. She also added that she had the weekend trip with Morrison planned prior to being released from WWE on Friday.

– Rey Mysterio had an MRI done over the weekend but as of yesterday, did not have the results back. Rey is reportedly very worried as it’s the same knee that he has had several surgeries on. We should know more later this week.


  • venom

    I think WWE doesn’t want to let her in is because they know she is going to try that everyday. It’s a shame that Morrison is probably going to hurt his career because of her. Melina was holding him back all of these years and she is still obviously holding him back. I was wondering why they wrestled on Raw and not Summer Slam. It makes sense why Morrison lost.

  • Ray

    I hope Mysterio is done. I can’t stand that cheap pop loving douchebag.

  • Notingham

    Always amazes me in this world how many people lack basic comprehension skills. Yes… wrestlers are often backstage. Some that were even fired/released. But name me one that was released and was backstage (or trying to be) from the moment they got let go!

    Lita left on her own terms and pops in now and again. Even guys like Colt Cabana (before all this happened with Punk) could even drop in now and again. But you don’t see someone who just got let go allowed to still take up space. Nothing good could possibly come of it.

  • Jacob

    @ML What you are forgeting to realize is that Lita wasn’t fired from WWE, she left on her on terms. Melina was FIRED last week, clearly because they don’t want her being an influence on the locker room anymore. If you got fired from Chili’s or something you can’t come back and hang out the next week.

  • Sammo

    That certainly explains why Morrison lost to R-Truth last night. The match has presuambly been pulled from Summerslam.

  • Jason

    In regards to Lita she was actually liked backstage (except for Matt of course) and was way more over with the fans. And as a result she was allowed. And pretty much I think its usually after a decent amount of time they were back stage not shortly after they were fired/let go

  • shawn

    the wwes a business. they dont want her sharing any plans with outsiders if she ever heard anything. thats probably why she wasn’t let in.

  • Frank

    If it was 6 months after she was released she probably would have been welcome…but 3 days after? What was she thinking??

  • ML

    Didn’t mean to put backstage twice in that scentence ^ haha.

  • ML

    But everytime someone like Lita has been backstage hanging out backstage it’s been no problem at all to WWE.

  • Jacob

    Melina is clearly a pest and nobody in WWE except Morrison wants her there. That’s why they fired her ass in the first place. Is Morrison really that big of a punk to let his unfaithful girlfriend ruin his career? Looks like that may be the case. Expect Morrsion to be Future E’d too if this keeps up.

  • Jimbo

    How long before she makes Morrison quit as a protest to her being released?

  • D2K

    Wrestlers not currently employed with the company are allowed to comeback stage all the time. It wouldn’t have been an issue to let her in.

  • Symbiote

    Morrison was probably going to beat R-Truth until he tried to bring his just fired girlfriend into the show. He probably wont make that mistake again!

  • Destiny

    Had she of purchased a ticket, then yes, it would be a really dick move by the WWE to deny her access since she’d be a paying customer. However, they let her go, and for what reason, only she knows, but did she actually expect to be allowed backstage? She didn’t leave like Edge did or like Jericho did, so to think you’d be allowed backstage is pretty ballsy on her part. The one I feel sorry for in all of his is Morrison. Think of the embarrassing place it put him in when she got denied. I never understood this about her…to fans on Twitter she’s so sweet, its a shame she couldn’t be like that backstage as well.

  • Buttercastle

    So Rey is demanding his title match. Dies he want it to be a wheelchair match?

  • Assassino

    melinas like that mother inlaw that just wont leave

  • Notingham

    Dick move? She was let go by the company. How awkward is it for everyone to have someone who doesn’t work there anymore just hanging around backstage? Especially when a big reason she was let go (reportedly) was attitude and not being well received.

    I think it’s highly inappropriate for her to show up and borderline creepy. It shows that she must have an ego that is just beyond belief. To show up to the place you got fired because your boyfriend is still working there and act like it’s no big deal?

  • King

    Just buy a damn ticket and look normal or dress up as a legend they won’t even notice

  • Camille

    Wow, real dick move by WWE.