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Mysterio’s Status with WWE Officials, Ryback vs. Henry at WM, Fandango

– There’s a feeling among some in WWE that Fandango won’t debut.

– The likely Ryback vs. Mark Henry match for WrestleMania 29 is largely designed to actually let Ryback get a win on pay-per-view. It appears the idea of a Ryback heel turn has been dropped for now.

– We’ve noted how Rey Mysterio feared he had torn the ACL in his “good” knee a few weeks back but was told by Dr. James Andrews that he wouldn’t need surgery and can wrestle with the help of a special brace. While he will be able to wrestle, we likely won’t see him in the ring for a while.

For what it’s worth, Rey and WWE officials have been on very good terms as of late and they have been begging him to come back. It’s said that officials, at least this week, do not want him to leave and consider him a company man for life, even after he retires.


  • paul s

    Still hope they make Henry go over strong. Hall of pain was fucking quality

  • Timmy Bray

    NJ will boo the shit out of Ryback over Henry

  • Nate

    If Rey does have one last good run, it needs to be the original plan they had with him facing Sincara (wherever he has been lately).

  • d_pooch

    Well, Ryback going over Mark Henry makes more sense for Ryback than it does for Mark Henry. Could be interesting though. Both of these guys need to be involved in Wrestlemania somehow.

    Rey needs a last good run.

  • D2K

    A Ryback HEEL-turn???? Aye-yie-yie. What are they doing over there?

    I do like the idea of a Ryback/Henry feud though. Could be like Billy Jack Haynes and Hercules Hernandez. Their hasn’t been a good hoss-feud in a long time.

  • Keep Rey on as an agent and make him a special appearances guy like Arn and Sarge… He’s done in the ring.