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Nakano Visits WWE in Japan, Former Women’s Champion Returning?, Jericho

– Chris Jericho will be attending Metallica’s 30th Anniversary shows in San Francisco, California next week. He wrote on Twitter:

“Shot a quick vid for next weeks Metallica 30th ann shows at the Fillmore.I’ll be there on Mon…such an honor to be invited! #metalupyourass”

– Former WWE Women’s Champion Bull Nakano was backstage at the RAW live event in Japan today, according to Beth Phoenix and CM Punk on Twitter. Bull officially retired from wrestling in 1997 but has had very few matches since then. Since 1998, she has been a professional golfer.

– There have been rumblings that WWE is close to bringing back a former Women’s Champion to feud with Beth Phoenix and Natalya. No word yet on who that might be.

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  • Teran

    Knock the cocks out of Chyna’s mouth and get her fat ass to come back!

  • poko

    Bull Nakano is a goddamn legend. She could probably still make most of today’s Diva cry within minutes. I just can’t imagine her having to tone down her style for the sake of someone like a Kelly Kelly.

  • PinkSinCara

    Funny how this article mentions Bull Nakano and nobody considered her to be the one returning to face Beth. That must be too old school for all these Attitude era marks. What about Bertha Faye? Anyway, Jericho wouldn’t know metal if he got smacked in the head with it.

  • Jason


  • blue4everd

    Does anybody think it would be weird/entertaining for Lita to go against Beth since Lita is CM Punk’s ex???

  • kennedyniles

    What are you talking about, Fozzy is great!

  • Mabry

    I would like to see Alundra Blaze/Madusa back…. i bet she is still really good. Someone said Jazz, that would be good too. But it will probably be McCool…

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    OK, I never said they were good. Just was wondering if they actually ever even sold an album.

    Jericho needs to get his ass back to the ring. Only place he really belongs.

  • cropsy

    Its cause Fozzy’s not much more than a cover band.

  • stockshark

    Lame its going to be Michelle Mc Cool who cares!

  • Prince

    Yeah, it’s probably McCool.

  • venom


    That’s because his band sucks. I bet it’s McCool coming back because Taker will be back soon too.

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    Just wondering here but does anyone own or know of anyone who actually owns a Fozzy album?

    I hear alot about Jericho touring with his band but have never actually seen anything on the shelves by them.

  • Dave

    Can’t imagine anyone accusing Jazz of being a Barbie Doll and living to tell the tale.

  • kirby4321

    These are the only WWE Women’s Champion that would return to fued with them.
    Molly Holly

    The one’s who won’t return.
    Miss Kitty
    Michelle Mccool I think its to soon for her.
    Melina just got released.

  • Albert

    hopefull its Lita they are close to bringing back 🙂 omg this is exciting doesnt matter who it is cause it sais former womens champion not divas champ so you know itll be a good female wrestler haha!

    my guesses are either LITA, TRISH or michelle mccool. It could even be Layla in a way? but she never left. its probs mccool 🙂