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Names Considered for WWE’s The Marine 3, WWE-TNA Talents Meet Up, Hardy Video

– Below is Matt Hardy’s latest video with footage from his recent independent wrestling match in Winston Salem, North Carolina:

– With WWE and TNA both running in Orlando, Florida last night, several of the wrestlers ran into each other at the airport. The Miz wrote about running into TNA agent Al Snow:

“Saw Al Snow in da airport n got to thank him for trainin n puttin up w/ me don’t worry @BillDeMott I thanked u w/ every squat #500sTheNumber”

– Before WWE originally announced Randy Orton for The Marine 3, officials were considering three other Superstars for the movie – John Cena, Cody Rhodes and CM Punk. No word yet if one of these Superstars will take the role now that Orton has been removed from the cast.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • sdd619

    I think The Marines kinda saved Randy from starring in a bad movie franchise

  • chronoxiong

    Cody! Cody! Cody!

  • Little Jimmy

    Marine III: Clash Of The Little Jimmy’s

    Hornswoggle plays Little Jimmy a pint sized Marine who’s father Big Jimmy(Danny Devito) and Little Jenny(Danny Devito in a dress and too much lipstick) is held hostage by fellow dwarf Bad Little Jimmy (Bad Santa’s Tony Cox) for Little Jimmy having an affair with his wife little Jenny.

    Bad Little Jimmy’s brother Bad Big Jimmy(R-Truth) is hired to assassinate Little Jimmy but With The help of the Original Marine(John Cena) Little Jimmy’s idol it evens the numbers. Will Little Jimmy and The Jesus of Little Jimmy’s conquer Bad Little Jimmy and Bad Big Jimmy and save Big Jimmy & Little Jenny. Or will it be too late for the pint sized marine?

  • SusuRko

    Alberto del Rio in a cowboys movie with Ricardo, ohh yeah

  • blue4everd

    I say get someone else as the marine and punk as the villian!

  • Tony A.

    How about the funkasaurus??

  • Lil Drew

    I say Cena or Dibiase are the right fits for the role

  • Marty

    i’ll like to see Cody or bring back Ted for the Marine 3

  • Zane

    Would like to see CM Punk in a movie sometime soon but just don’t think this role suits him, better of going to Cody Rhodes.

  • Prince

    Punk is way too scrawny to play a marine in my opinion. At least compared to Cena and DiBiase. Bringing Cena back doesn’t make sense, so I say go with Rhodes.

  • jerry

    its gotta be degrading and embarrasing to go from worldwide recognition, top of the food chain (wwe/wwf), top dog, perks, merchandise, tens of thousands fans…to, basically having to pay to wrestle in front of 85 methhead hillbillys! i wouldn’t do it, i really wouldnt, i dont buy “for the love of the sport” crap, its called..sick in the head and addicted to “fame”, even if its 25 hillbillys in a school gymnasium!

  • rko

    Did anyone watch part 2? Was Dibiase that bad?

    Anyway, cody rhodes would be interesting in that role.

  • 1919dpg

    nobody wants to see the marine 3… btw did anyone else lol at the thought of it being matt hardy when the page opened?

  • xXx

    The Marine: Homefront, starring The Great Khali and Hornswoggle.

  • Mark

    bring cena back for the role that means he wont be in the wwe