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Possible Names for Interim General Managers, Travel Issues for WWE Crews, Tyson

– WWE Hall of Famer Mike Tyson will be bringing his “Undisputed Truth” one-man show to Broadway for a limited run of six performances at the Longacre Theater. The show features Tyson telling his life story and was directed by Spike Lee.

– The WWE crews driving from New York to Baltimore for tonight’s SmackDown tapings ran into major traffic problems on the New Jersey Turnpike. Natalya wrote that it took her 6 hours to make the trip. A lot of the talents didn’t arrive to Baltimore until around 5am local time.

– As noted before, WWE will be bringing back former General Managers for RAW and SmackDown while the Board of Directors finds permanent replacements. Some of the names that potentially could be used for the role include Steve Austin, Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, Jonathan Coachman, Mike Adamle, Bret Hart, Vickie Guerrero, William Regal and the Anonymous General Manager.

  • Bryant

    It will be interesting to see if Stephanie is brought back as one of the permanent GMs. I certainly hope so, but there is also the fact that she has three kids at home who she doesn’t usually use a babysitter for. I have to give her major props for caring for the kids on her own so much, even though she could easily be absentee. I wish the best for her

  • john


  • grizz

    Not Adamle, Steve Austin,or Coachman.

  • john

    austin for RAW and either Regal or steph for smackdown

  • chronoxiong

    What about HBK and William Regal? They used to be Commissioners!!!

  • SYM

    Commisioner William Regal “The Mans Man” I like the sound of it.

  • CC

    thinking about it, theres a few current wrestlers who were GM for a week a few years ago. Jericho, Orton & Maven (+Benoit) all served as GM.

  • adam

    The fucking coach mother fuckers

  • jeff

    Shouldn’t even have a G.M hell one day wwe is going to go with the people as G.M

  • shorty

    please please pleaase what ever you do please dont bring back Vickie Guerrero as interem general manager even if its just for one week she has no experience at all being a general manager and all she does is use the postion of general manager to sleep her way to the top with every wwe superstar that is dumb and stupid to sleep with her and give her time of day but in the end they all dump her fat ass

  • Jeff

    Wasn’t Eugene a GM for a week?

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    That’s a fairly good list to choose from, just need to add Heyman and Flair to that list.

  • Knightcon

    What about HBK. He was the comishinor (sp) for years. That be sweet

  • Dave

    I’d love to see them bring back Mike Adamle to host Smackdown. Mike Adamle Vs Lillian Garcia in a Botch Off. Where the winner is the one who can most mangle a ring introduction.

  • mikey2099

    Why did everyone.e forget about stone cold? Bring back the rattle snake and start the story line so he and punk can do wtestlemania 29.

  • Jon

    Except for one Mr.Paul Heyman

  • Jon

    Kind wish Bischoff wasn’t in TNA just because this. Out of all GM Bischoff was the best.

  • Buttercastle

    But why would Triple H agree to let Heyman be GM? Also having a heel Stephanie wouldn’t quite work since again Triple H has been face forever now.

  • damkat

    coach would be awesome, would be nice to see him back. Heyman would make a good choice as well to build the HHH angle. Bret and Flair should stay off tv for good..Steph would be good playing a heel gm.

  • Stevie P

    Anonymous GM would be comical. It would be even better to NOT have the podium and just have Cole randomly stand up and read from his laptop.

  • Diesel

    I wanna see Heyman do it considering how he was in charge of Smackdown back in 2003, plus it’d make some seriously interesting TV leading up to HHH & Lesnar’s match at SummerSlam.

    Either that or:
    Bret Hart
    Ric Flair (he’s now apparently done from TNA anyway)
    Stephanie McMahon (again good tv build up)
    William Regal

    Hell call me crazy but I’d even welcome back Val Venis as “Cheif Morley”

  • me

    I want Stephanie as general manager, she’s awesome !!

  • King Albert

    Bring back Steph!

  • Ryan

    Kurt Angle and Paul Heyman were GM’s as well

  • Sam Peters

    Would love to see the Coach back
    the Laptop would be funny if Edge came back and destroyed it again 😛

  • CC

    Oh, and Foley was co-GM as well

  • sdd619

    So we are kinda back to the guest host thing huh?

  • CC

    What about Flair (he was called an owner, but was essentially the first GM alongside Vince) and the most obvious name, Teddy Long?
    Of course Bischoff is out of the picture.

  • For the love of god do not bring back mike adamle!!

  • slapknut69

    WTF? give teddy long his job back and make him gm to both shows!!!!!

  • Angry Benny

    I kinda miss the laptop, stupid as it sounds, and then Micheal Cole with his “I have recieved a message from the Anonymous General Manager, then Edge comes out to break it again, I really want to see Regal back again, he was the best GM (IMO) other than Johnny Ace

  • simon07

    It will be strange if they randomly bring back the laptop to do Raw and Smackdown for a week. It could actually be quite comical.

  • Tyler(:

    All of them sound good just not the laptop please.

  • Maxwell

    I forgot about the coach!