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Possible Names Revealed for New WWE Saturday Morning Show

WWE recently issued a follow-up survey to fans who responded to their survey about a potential Saturday morning series. Here is a list of the possible names listed in the new survey.

* WWE Saturday Morning Slam

* WWE Jakked

* WWE Amp’d

* WWE Supercharge

* WWE Turbocharge

It should be noted that “Jakked” was a name used by WWE for one of their minor series years ago.

  • scooter

    All I know is it better have Christopher Daniels and Low-Ki having great matches leading to them never getting signed but being used as jobbers sporadically.

  • Moe

    they all sound fucking stupid!

  • tony belfast

    why not just call it wwe livewire again,,,i loved that show especially bcus sunny hosted it

  • nikki


  • RPM

    saturday morning slam sounds a bit sexual

  • blah

    All those names are horrible

  • KingAlbert

    WWE’s morning glory.

  • Y2J

    WWF Superstars… the only Saturday morning show they should ever have.

  • GoldbergFan86

    Just like the morning show they had like 15 years ago? Its was on at like 10 am to 11? They did a recap of Raw and kept up on news.

    Cool show. I remember being younger and only getting up for ealy morning cartoons and wrasslin’!


    #isitjustme or does turbocharged n supercharged sounds like it should have sum like POWER RANGERS n front of it n b on nick #awwell givin the choices just go wit jakked if its turbo or super charged then ya know sum 8 9 year old(cenas fans targetd audience) chose dat crap

  • SYM

    Saturday Morning Sakamoto

  • Joe John

    Man, I remember being a kid & randomly finding Jakked or Shotgun Saturday Night on & thinking it was so cool. Especially finding it on at 1 in the morning.

  • The Real CM Punks Promo

    How about Saturday Morning Impact . . . What? You meen that name is already taken?

  • Stevie P

    It should be Nitro 😛

  • Jon

    It should be jakked