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Naomi Replaces Kaitlyn, Sin Cara vs. Cody Rhodes Update, Kofi

– As a reminder, Kofi Kingston will be appearing at the Books-A-Million store in Fox Valley Mall in Aurora, Illinois today at 1pm.

– Similar to how he passed out brown bags to the fans at ringside last year, Cody Rhodes is now passing out drawn caricatures of Sin Cara at ringside to the fans. Cody has been focusing on removing Cara’s mask for weeks now.

– Brodus Clay’s dancer Naomi wrestled a match at last night’s SmackDown live event in Sioux Falls. She defeated Natalya after some help from Clay’s other dancer, Cameron. The match was called one of the best Divas matches in WWE all year.

Apparently Kaitlyn missed the event due to travel problems as she was originally scheduled to face Natalya. Naomi is actually a former FCW Divas Champion.

  • Really?

    They’ve all ready diminished the US title enough by never showing it until the past few weeks. Having a woman try to compete for it would only do it more damage. Terrible idea.

    Also, I’m fine with no women’s wrestling on RAW. Just means less I have to fast forward through.

  • Bill

    I’d really like to see footage of that match.

  • W.cares

    Would be nice to see the Divas division get some more time now that RAW is 3 hours.

    Maybe give Beth Phoenix a storyline concerning the US Title, it would make sense. Beth and Santino have a history and would give Aksana a female counterpart in the storyline (not wreslting wise! lol) concerning the Cobra

    Santino gets decimated backstage before his U.S Title match. Beth comes to his aid (assuming she has turned face) and Santino askes her to take his place, with A.J liking the idea of a female competing in a male dominated title.

    That would allow the likes of Naomi, Tamina, Layla, Eve, Natalya to compete for the Divas title without people moaning about Beth not being utilised.

  • Jim

    Glad Cody is being used at no more than mid card level. He doesn’t deserve a higher place on the roster. A dweeb who’s only in WWE because of nepotism.

  • Huh?

    And yet they force feed us an admittedly green Kaitlyn and Kelly and only make Naomi dance. They can’t be serious…let beth phoenix, natalya, tamina, naomi, layla and eve be the main players in the divas division, while the rest perform as enhancement or valets until they can wrestle better.


  • Wife Beater 3:16

    I’m not a big fan of women’s wrestling but I liked Naomi’s work whenever I see her wrestle.

    She’s #2 behind Natalya, IMO.

  • evetorres_chin

    it’s because shes black, it makes her a natural born athlete

  • sammy

    so i guessed it is good news that kaitlyn had travel problems.

  • anghellic1

    So hes basically stuck doing the same storyline he had with rey, only its sin cara this time

  • Aiden1990

    U less this feud ends with Rhodes destroying sin cara I really am not interested in seeing it he should be feuding for the whc

  • untouchablefa08

    They NEED to use Naomi i’m the ring!!!