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Natalya Addresses Flatulance On SmackDown, Sheamus Promotes Anti-Bullying

— Natalya Neidhart commented again on an angle that took place on Friday’s SmackDown in which it was indicated that the third-generation wrestler had embarrassingly passed gas during a backstage confrontation with Aksana and SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long.

A concerned fan wrote to Natalya on Twitter, “That whole fart thing bothered me on Smackdown. I hope it was meant as a joke instead of an embarassing thing towards you.”

She responded, “I’ll repeat this! Life is a lot easier when you don’t take yourself too seriously! Enjoy it- and live in the now!”

New Haven Register has published an article on Sheamus’ visit to ACES Mill Road School in North Haven, Connecticut on Thursday to promote WWE’s anti-bullying initiative ‘be a STAR.’ Sheamus told students that experienced bullying as a small, overweight red-headed kid.

“I didn’t tell anybody. I was afraid to be a tattle tale. I should have told somebody. It’s very important to talk to someone. There’s nothing wrong with you,” he said.

  • “The Celtic Reciever” Gaymus

    I wonder if Natalya has her dad’s penis.

  • BigJimmy

    Making someone appear to fart on international television seen by millions world wide, followed by fellow superstars appearing to mock and make fun of her.

    All the while they promote the campaign of ‘Dont be a bully, Be A Star’.

    Someone pull Vinny Mac aside and explain to him the meaning of the word irony. He may have plenty of dollars and ‘vision’, but brains.. Not so much.

  • Jason

    @ Stevie

    Welcome to the thought process of the WWE.

  • Stevie P

    It’s really stupid that they have one of their best wrestlers doing these kind of angles.