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Natalya Comments on Her & Beth’s Team, WWE Executive Quits

– PWInsider reports that Brian Kalinowski, who was working as WWE’s Executive Vice President of Digital Media, left the company this past week after working there since 2007. No word yet on why he left.

– WWE Diva Natalya spoke with The London Free Press about her new team with Beth Phoenix:

“I’ve been in WWE three years and I’ve evolved … I’ve grown a lot. There’s been an evolution and that evolution turned into the Divas of Doom, with Beth Phoenix. We stand up for what we believe in. It’s our point of view that we’re role models and we’re revolutionizing what Divas should be, much the same way as Trish Stratus did. We’re not Barbie dolls. But we are still strong, bold and beautiful. It’s like Beth said, ‘We’re here to stop the stinkfaces and booty popping.'”

  • Black Scorpion

    I agree with @Booty Popper, Beth and Natalya are just taking up where Kong, er Kharma left off with eliminating the “Barbie Doll” types, but I feel a swerve coming on where Kharma comes backs and DEFENDS the “Barbie Doll” types against Beth and Natalya (if the storyline lasts that long)…..

  • Super Dave

    We also don’t want to watch women who look like they are on steroids only as well. Make the pretty ones with no talent managers and keep using girls like Eve, who are solid enough in the ring and easy on the eyes. If they go completely competitive the Diva division will look like a tranny show so lets not get overboard Natalya and Beth. Lets be honest no one wants to watch ugly women wrestle.

  • Trixie

    Clearly both her’s and Beth’s breats are fake; and if she really wanted not to be a barbie doll then she should take out the implants and go for a strong tom-boy look, rather than a looking like a female body builder wannabe with fake boobs.

    I mean no offense, because I think WWE really needs a change in the women’s division, but don’t hate on someone else for being plastic when you yourself have implants.

  • Logan

    mmMMmm I love the aggression in this HIT ME!

  • Tom… Just Tom

    WWE women’s wrestling is in such a sad state of affairs. I truly feel the one thing the WWE needs to do is stop hiring models and actually look at the ladies in the business who wrestle. Sure, they had some hits, women who actually learned the craft and became decent to good in the ring. But for every Eve Torres (who has shown improvement over the last couple of years), there is a Bella and a Kelly Kelly.

  • Booty Popper

    Basically, Natalya and Beth are trying to make up for the absence of Kharma. Makes sense. Even so, this is the formula they should have been following all along. No reason why Beth (or Natalya for that matter) shouldn’t be a tough, hard-to-beat Diva’s champion.

  • Devil_Rising

    @jt And you know this for sure, because?


    That statement right there is sad as hell. Not only is it saying that “people don’t care about women’s wrestling”. But it’s also implying that “women are only good for being eye candy”. Not only are both statements false, but that attitude is precisely why women’s wrestling in mainstream venues like TNA and WWE aren’t BETTER than they are.

  • GreatestInTheWorld

    Bring back the Bra and Panties matches, then you will get viewers that stay around during the Diva’s matches.

  • Rucdogg

    I agree with Raziel…i havent deleted that raw that eve did the first one yet…thats the best (and only) booty shake since brooke adams was in extreme expose

  • Raziel

    Why can’t we have great matches and booty popping?!!!!!!!!!!

  • jt

    lmfao i hate to break it to you devil but natalya’s chest is definetly fake

  • Devil_Rising

    I’m pretty sure Natalya’s chest is not “plastic”. I can’t speak for most of the other chicks, sadly.

  • jeff

    my cock is hard from reading this

  • daniel

    remove the plastic from your chest the you can most definaely say your not plastic