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Natalya Thanks Ryback, How WWE Almost Explained AJ’s Turn

– As seen on last night’s WWE RAW, Ryback mentioned Owen Hart when accepting his Slammy Award. Natalya thanked him via Twitter:

“It’s important we don’t forget Owen Hart. THANKYOU Ryback”

– Vince McMahon and Triple h were praising everyone’s work backstage after Sunday’s TLC pay-per-view.

– There was apparently at least some talk of using the TMZ photos of John Cena and Nikki Bella at her high school reunion to explain why AJ Lee turned on Cena at the TLC pay-per-view.


  • Zedd

    Glad they didn’t go with it. That is a retarded reason to explain a heel turn. Should just say she turned on him because he was rejecting her which they showed him doing a few weeks ago.

  • Syxx

    @Rocky Sucks

    I spit my juice out my mouth laughing when i read that comment

  • RPM

    she is heel now? you can’t even tell. she is basically the same and the crowd reaction was still one of a talent that is over.

    it’s like Dbry after wrestlemania they tried to bury his chants but it wont go away now he is more over then 90% of the roster.

    wish they’d just push what the fans like not what the corporation likes.

  • Will Henderson

    i think it was always WWE’s plan to turn AJ Lee Heel, she was clealy gonna turn heel sooner or later, i think she could had turned heel during the love triangle or her Raw GM tenure. but now she’s heel, i see the kayfabe reason being she was always with Dolph Ziggler all along and she used Cena to scapegoat him to hide the forbidden relationship she and Dolph had. remember that security footage, it was Dolph’s hotel room, not Cena’s.

  • john

    did any of u guys watch tlc people loved the heel turn… so it doesnt hurt AJ at all

  • Jimbo

    AJ would be better as a face, but once again WWE sacrifices logic in an attempt to get the other half of the crowd to sympathize and root for Cena.

  • Sym shut the fuk up

    Yofitz vs the devil in a inferno hell in a cell match live on dec 21 2012 on channel 666

  • Territories

    WWE always puts a stop to the Diva’s getting over with the fans! Stupid even when some of the guys get over that they didnt want to get over they find a way to crush it.

  • Cboz78

    Yofitz will win cause god will no show just like Vince and Shance vs. HBK and god.

  • Rocky sucks

    Yofitz vs god on December 21 2012 ppv “Last day alive”

  • yofitz

    WM29 mainevent:

    Ryback vs Ryblack Big E Langston
    in a cake eating contest.

  • sam

    personally i dont like the idea of AJ being turned heel, since she was over with the fans as a face, but i guess its good shes getting the T.V time unlike other WWE divas