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– Natalya wrote the following on her twitter after competing against Unified WWE Divas Champion Michelle McCool at last night’s WWE Hell in a Cell pay-per-view:

“I couldn’t be happier about tonight at HIAC…@McCoolMichelleL is one tough cookie and I’m well aware of that- but tonight, I felt I more than made a statement…”

“I felt proud of our match tonight- and as crazy/insane as it sounds, proud of Laycool, too.”

– Happy birthday to Linda McMahon who turns 62 years old today.

  • Code Red

    McCool is a good wrestler (surprisingly) but enough is enough. She’s been pushed non-stop for 3 years, never been out of the title picture since the summer of 2008 but is still completely heatless. They can filter in a reaction for her on SmackDown (taped), but anytime she comes out on RAW or a PPV (live) you can clearly hear the complete and utter apathy of the crowd. It says a lot when a comedy jobber like Jillian can get more heat than her. Even when Vickie was coming out to the ring with her, McCool still got no response.

    If any other woman got the same reception by the fans as McCool, they’d have been de-pushed a long time ago.

  • Alicia

    why do u all care so much who is married to who? just because of HHH and Steph. U all act like thats the only reason people get married. Steph and HHH are happly married and taker and michelle are too. so get over urself. its bugs me when people act like thats the only reason why she has anything. If she wasnt talented she wouldnt be named #1 Diva for 2010

  • stockshark

    They are married now so expect her to be around for a long time now!

  • Buttercastle

    If laycool wrestled as much as they talk, they might actually deserve the title(s?) but I don’t see why the kept them as champs for this long other than Michelle dating undertaker if they even still are.

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