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NBA Player Appearing at WrestleMania?, Vengeance DVD/Blu-ray News, Cena’s Brother

– The DVD extra for WWE’s 2011 Vengeance DVD will feature a Matt Striker interview with WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio. Exclusive Blu-ray content includes CM Punk vs. The Miz, John Cena & Jim Ross vs. Michael Cole & Alberto Del Rio plus John Morrison, Sheamus & Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes, Christian & Mark Henry from the October 17th RAW. Blu-ray will also exclusively feature John Morrison vs. Mark Henry, a Cody Rhodes promo and the Sin Cara Mask vs. Mask match from the October 21st SmackDown.

– John Cena’s brother Danny, a police officer, is expected to go trial in early 2012 for a suit he has filed against The Neptune Club and drunk driver Robert Nolan in West Newbury, MA. In 2007, Nolan crashed into Cena’s police cruiser causing a broken left tibia and broken fibula bones. Cena filed a $500,000 civil case that includes $109,000 for loss wages and $42,000 in medical expenses. Cena is suing The Neptune Club because they served Nolan up to nine twelve-ounce beers that resulted in him having a blood alcohol level of 0.24 when the crash happened.

– With the NBA season up in the air, WWE is looking to book RAW in bigger cities over the next few months. There have also been discussions about trying to get a big name NBA star to work an angle at WrestleMania 28 in Miami next year. In recent years, WWE officials have expressed interest in using Shaq or LeBron James for angles.

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  • JIR

    Enough of celebrities invading Wrestlemanias already 1 is fine but give your roster a chance to step up on the biggest stage WWE. give people a chance and someone will breakthru and be the next star

  • bonerjams

    I’m from the states i couldnt give a shit about any sport with overpaid players.
    Or any sport u guys from uk or nz for that matter.

  • Kyle

    @ Philly655 i agree with you brother. Im from Nz were basketball isnt as popular like the states. Its just another prime example of American greed. All they care about is the money

  • SusyRko

    Lebron in a segment with Orton , I think they have similar bodys

  • venom

    I wouldn’t mind see Shaq there. I hope Big Show doesn’t get stuck in another celebrity wrestlemania match.

  • scooter

    Would love to see shaq involved as he was someone who seemed to legitmately enjoy being guest host on raw and wasn’t just there for the cheap plug!

  • Philly655

    Im from the UK…. Fuck Basketball, lebron and all those tall overpaid muthafuckers

  • TS93

    I’m from Cleveland fuck lebron

  • Steve

    Shaq retired so even if the NBA were being played, he would be available. No chance LeBron gets in the ring, too much risk.