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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

– Former WWE star Armando Estrada wrestled his retirement match against Ken Kennedy at a Great Lakes Championship Wrestling show last weekend. Estrada has had success with his Baby’s Steak & Lemonade restaurant in Glendale, AZ and is looking to franchise the brand.

– WWE and UFC will go head-to-head on Monday, January 11th as RAW will air up against Fight Night.

– Reports from Harley Race’s recent training camp regarding the daughter of Curt Hennig, Amy, were not positive, except for her athletic ability which was praised. Some veterans have stopped giving her advice with the feeling that she doesn’t listen. It was said that she could hang in the ring with any guy at the camp but her attitude is causing problems. Her brother Joe got the exact opposite at the camp. It’s said that Amy wants to make it on her father’s name and Joe does not.

  • Jason

    WCW did survive but “WCW” wasnt really around that long.

    Don’t forget before it was WCW it was NWA which WWWF/WWF/WWE was part of many years ago

  • Rob

    Screw it UFC is faar better anyway WWE hasnt been good since the attitude era, i’d love to see Cena go up against somebody like Kongo and get knocked the f*** out!

  • stockshark28

    I’m kinda tired of hearing how WCW was nothing but WWE talents that left WWE. Most of the guys that made WCW as big as it got had been in WCW before they ever went to WWE. Scott Hall = Razor Ramon was in AWA as Scott Hall then WCW as The Diamond Studd from which the Razor Ramon charater was a straight up rip off of. Kevin Nash = Diesel was in WCW as Vinnie Vegas before he went to WWE. Bossman was Big Bubba Rogers in WCW. Undertaker was a Skyscraper in WCW as Mean Mark Calloway. HHH was in WCW as Terror Ryzing and as John Paul Lavesqe. The Big Show was in WCW as The Giant. Jim Ross was in WCW as an Announcer. Michael Hayes in WCW as a wrestler and now he is the top writer for Smackdown. John Lutranius “SPELLED WRONG” one of the main guys next to Vince was a wrestler in WCW as Johnny Ace “the Dynamic Dudes with Shane Dougals aka the Dean Dougals in WWE. This is just a few examples of talent that the WWE stole from WCW. And even Hulk Hogan the Man that made WWE what it is today the legend of Hulkamaina didnt start in WWE it started in AWA. ……..WWE the top dog became the top dog by raiding talent from and killing off many other promotions like the AWA, WCCW, Florida Championship Wrestling, GWF, USWA, and finally last but not least WCW who put up the best fight and lasted the longest against the cut throat WWE I for one would like to praise them for that BRAVO!!!!!!

  • thetalkingbox

    LMAO.. at you who actually think TNA has chance against WWE. i mean sure they have good wrestlers… but seriously… the first post just made me laugh… TNA is not going to beat RAW on ratings… theres some thing that just cant happen in life and that is one of them.

  • baddog_1_2k

    all they needs is the rock and austin to host back to back mondays everyone will watch. I would like to know what is going on with joe henning last I heard he was comming along very well

  • Leon

    i hope vince does get killed in the ratings…maybe they might start trying this new…wwe is way better then tna and ufc combined….

  • Juany

    if vince want to kill TNA, he can try to do a Stonce Cold vs the rock match

    that´s, my friends, is Overkill

  • kinnaird

    oh yeah, i forgot to add..last time ufc went up against tought competition, they got destroyed in the ratings..having their head blown up to believe that they could draw more than mayweather/marquez was an example of that.

  • kinnaird

    there’s now way that either tna or ufc will put a dent in the raw ratings. at this point tna is a basically a wcw recreation. wcw tried to beat vince with his own talent and looked what happened to them. ufc on the other hand, while praising the “real fighting” will crumble because of it. at this rate, they will have nobody left to fight. everybody is destroying each other. machida is out, lesnar is out, silva is out etc…we can only watch liddell/ortiz about as many times as cena orton

  • tonyd

    lets hope wwe dont do nothing dumb for jan. 4th and 11th….if they do…they will lose ratings…

  • J

    It’s gonna be two tough weeks for WWE especially for RAW. First week TNA and second week UFC. Happy 2010 Vince.. :)

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