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Negative WWE Live Event Reviews on Possible SummerSlam Match, Update on Where Sheamus Is

– We noted before that United States Champion Sheamus missed Tuesday’s WWE TV tapings because he had a severe case of the flu. Sheamus is off this weekend’s live events and was photographed at the Grafton Lounge night club in Dublin, Ireland on Friday night.

– For what it’s worth, there have been several negative reports on the Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton matches from this weekend’s WWE live events in Oklahoma. The match is expected to be announced soon for next month’s SummerSlam pay-per-view.

  • ddfindl

    I think Orton **can** carry a match, he’s just being lazy because he’s not the focus of what’s going on – just my two cents. The biggest issue I think is that Reigns only has so many options as far as opponents goes to “skyrocket” his character: Orton, Lesnar, Cena, HHH, Big Show, and maybe the Undertaker (if he’s still active). Everyone else is on par. I think his persona, move-set and body type don’t mesh well with Orton and Big Show.

  • chaz

    randy orton promos are garbage and he hasn’t had a good one this decade.

  • CC

    but the fact remains that its a great way to get a younger guy over, but sticking them in with a “vet”. It doesnt work so well though when the “vet” they put him in with is incapable of carrying a match. Look at some of the best Orton matches early in his career. It was with guys who carried him and made him look better. The fact that all these years later Orton either cannot or will not carry a younger talent, shows where the faults in WWE lay.
    A guy like say Daniel Bryan may not be a 10 year WWE man, but he is a 10 year plus guy in the industry, and can and will carry pretty much anyone. Same goes for guys like Christian, Jericho and Goldust. Put Reigns in the ring with guys like those and he will look ten times better than he does with Orton.

  • ddfindl

    Not speaking of Orton specifically, just in general. I’m aware that Orton is douche and is likely doing it on purpose.

  • CC

    but by the same token, its then on that 10 year vet to carry the match. If Orton cant do that, then he is the one who still needs to perfect his craft.

  • jedi

    Agreee with you but it does not go for everyone there are a few exceptions. Angle, Lesnar & I feel Cesaro would have progressed better with less time then Reigns. I think they should have pushed the button on the Swiss Superman & let Reigns get his feet a bit more wet as a singles competitor but hey at least hes not doing this in a singles title match

  • jedi

    Big Reigns fan but must say he did not seem like himself at the Battleground ppv starting from his entrance. Looked like he was nervous & felt he did not put on that great of a match compared to his previous outings.

  • jgdjgdklj

    Reigns looks like an action figure in this picture.

  • Solid Snake

    its mostly Reigns hes still new at this. people that hate on Randy’s Promos are just mad because hes in the lime light constantly. He has great Promos.

  • TheFizPop

    Damn, can’t wait for these promos, what chants will be in abundance due to the high monotone and boredom both of these are on mics. Come on, legend killer for this feud! 10 years after the he slayed the murderer

  • ddfindl

    zero chemistry, probably… reigns needs to perfect his craft too before he’s launched into mega-stardom against people who have been doing this 10+ years

  • Thayer

    What is it about the Reigns/Orton match that has been getting bad reviews?