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- There is said to be a lot of negativity among some veterans regarding WWE inducting The Ultimate Warrior into the Hall of Fame this year.

– There has been no communication as of late between CM Punk and WWE. Punk has been completely out of communication with people who he’s been friends with in the past.

– Rob Van Dam is scheduled to return to WWE on the April 7th RAW, the night after WrestleMania XXX, for a several month run.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • nobody

    Because of his homophobic rant. It caused his fans to take a different look at him, and realize how much of a total jerk he has been his entire life.

    By the way you talk, you are just someone with Affluenza who makes kneejerk assumptions about “others” and classify total strangers into degrading positions to enhance your argument. This behavior defines you as a Republican and therefore, everything you say is invalid. Poisoned trees only make poisoned apples.

  • mustang

    He might of not been the greatest in the ring, but he brought entertainment to all kids and even adults. That there you can not beat.

  • CC

    Because some guy in catering is probably the “inside source” that news sites use, and he has probably heard one person complain (probably the guy who cleans the toilets, who still holds a grudge from Warrior blocking one of the toilets years ago), so of course this means there is a lot of negativity.
    Basically any story like this is taken with a pinch of salt.

  • Don Kim

    Why is the negativity for Warrior?
    He was horrible in the ring but arguably one of the biggest stars in history.

  • D2K

    “There has been no communication as of late between CM Punk and WWE. Punk
    has been completely out of communication with people who he’s been
    friends with in the past.”

    I’ll say this one last time…….


  • D2K

    The fact that the one guy that would have a legitimate reason to dislike the Warrior (Triple H) is SOLELY RESPONSIBLE for him even being involved with WWE at ALL let alone going into the Hall Of Fame speaks volumes as to the ridiculousness of this notion.

    There is still such a thing as being a mature adult. This might come as quite a surprise to some people, but a lot of people actually are genuinely happy for others when their contribution to the business is celebrated. It seems really strange to me that all of the money the Ultimate Warrior helped generated into WWF during his tenure that someone like DiBiase who became quite wealthy because of it would have an issue with it.

  • mustang

    This is based of million dollar man interview, that’s all. Instead of looking at the positives that warrior has done to entertain the kids, ppl just look at the negative side. Oh well, you can’t make people happy all the time.

  • d_pooch

    I was kind of hoping RVD would return at WM30 and enter the Battle Royal.

    Really? People are negative about the Warrior? No way!

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