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Negotiations Between WWE and Chris Jericho Reportedly Fall Through

– New reports indicate that Chris Jericho’s recent tweet about never wrestling for WWE again may have had something behind it.

Sources report that while WWE and Jericho had recently been in negotiations, something happened and talks have fallen through.

While most still expect Jericho to eventually pop back up in WWE, word is that he will not be returning any time soon.


  • Psh… He’s going to show up at SS tonight.

  • PinkSinCara

    Vince: We’re willing to offer you X amount of dollars for X amount of dates. Deal?
    Y2J: That’s it? Don’t you know…that I am the best…in the world…at what I doooo?

  • Will Henderson

    swerve, WWE and Jericho worked the Wrestling news/rumors/gossip sites.

    good i hope i’m right.

  • Jason

    This just in. Nothing that can be confirmed. That’s all.

    Hey I can be a contributor now lol.

  • The Killswitch

    Has anyone seen his latest interview? He just doesn’t have time right now. He’d like to come back, but he currently has commitments with his band, as well as future movie roles.

    Have some common sense, people.

  • venom

    Royal Rumble entrant #40 Chris Jericho.

  • Whatever

    Just hope that it will be a big surprise, otherwise this really sucks…

  • No1Coleminer

    WOW W-E slow day at the office eh? this story is boring now, he will return as suprise like he said. his no just finished fozzy 2011 so maybe rumble as ppl expect, setting up punk/jericho WM

  • I Am Perfection

    Boo this news!!