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Neurologist Says Foley Can Never Wrestle Again, Ambrose Idea Revealed

Mick Foley revealed during a comedy show in Adelaide that a neurologist informed him that he is not able to wrestle ever again.

Foley got the news after he explained his proposal to WWE about having a match with Dean Ambrose at SummerSlam as a follow-up to their YouTube/Twitter feud. Foley noted that he proposed to have a “fake” Dude Love come out of the entrance way, but would be attacked by Dean from behind as Mankind was coming through the ring.

These plans would later be nixed due to his diagnosis from the neurologist.

Also at the comedy show, Foley noted that he felt Dean made very personal comments about his family within the feud and asked him to stop, but Dean thought this was “face” Foley actually egging him on.

  • poko

    Though I don’t hold it against Mick for not wanting his family mentioned, I can’t blame Ambrose, either, for not understanding that Foley wasn’t in character. That’s up to Mick to make sure Ambrose gets the distinction and writing a public letter just isn’t the way to communicate that. He should have passed that along through private channels.

  • Shawn Bronald

    That sounded like a cool match. Kind of like the one Sting and Jeff Jarrett had a while back (all the different incarnations of Sting made appearances).