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Neville says he doesn’t care if Triple H likes or dislikes him

Neville WWE

WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville recently spoke to Sports Illustrate and was in his character for the whole time. Below are some of the highlights from his latest interview:

Talking about Triple h, Neville said that he has got lots of respect for the WWE CEO. Though later he stated that he doesn’t care if The Game likes or dislikes him:

“For the longest time, I was trying to please everybody, the WWE Universe included. Now, I don’t care. If Triple H likes me or dislikes me, that’s not important to me. What’s important to me is me. It’s taken me a long time to say that.”

The Cruiserweight Champion also claimed that pound for pound, he is unmatched and he doesn’t need to tell anyone what he does:

“Pound for pound, I’m unmatched. This has traditionally been the world of the giants. For those who are smaller, we’ve always been fighting an uphill battle. The cruiserweight division consists of guys under 205 pounds, but I don’t need to tell you what I do.”

Finally, he took a jab at his Extreme Rules opponent Austin Aries stating that he is a better talker than he is a fighter:

“I’m not one of these guys who is going to build myself up to you for an over and put myself over. I do my talking in the ring. Austin Aries, however, is someone who is a better talker than he is a fighter. I am fundamentally a fighter before anything else.”

Neville defeated Austin Aries at Extreme Rules and retained his title. You can check out the complete Extreme Rules results here

  • ROB-1.

    Could it be that Neville will face Triple H down the road?