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– The speculation is over. After all the questions about how WWE NXT, which replaces ECW starting next week, would operate, the answer is finally clear–and, just for the record, it is not going to be a science fiction show.

In the same vein as shows like “The Ultimate Fighter” and WWE’s own “Tough Enough,” a Daily Variety article confirms that the series will employ a reality premise, following eight rookie Superstars from FCW as they work their way towards a spot on RAW or SmackDown.

The eight new wrestlers will each be paired with a WWE veteran mentor, “with egos often getting in the way, as they learn the ropes of competing in the ring in front of live audiences, creating characters and speaking on camera,” says the Variety story.

WWE is teasing the series as a window into how the company truly operates.

“These kids crash and burn a lot,” said Vince McMahon. “By putting them into this environment we’ll find out if they can make it. There’s no better way to develop skills than being in front of an audience. And that makes for good television.”

The show, set to air weekly year-round, will be broken into two or three seasons. As per earlier reports, it will also feature a new “look and feel” for WWE programming.

  • Joey

    @ Larry – You left out the WBF. That failed too. Don’t like the idea of this NXT.

  • Larry

    I’ll give the show a chance, I really will. Yes, Vince was also very high on the XFL and Tough Enough, but he is a billionaire for a reason. Maybe the 3rd time will be a charm for ol’ Vinny Mac. Only time will tell.

  • Rich

    once again brody is a moron.

  • brody

    Apparently, Tough Enough didn’t crash and burn hard enough for Vince’s taste, so he’s going to do it again. How long till this bad idea gets folded into Smackdown like its predecessor did, and then quietly goes away, again, like its predecessor? I guess if the idea doesn’t go ‘epic FAIL’ like Xfl did, then Vince thinks it’ll succeed next time around. Kinda puts wwe’s history of recycling storylines in perspective…

  • Allen Michael

    Ok….So its not gonna be an actual wrestling program? Its gonna be like Tough enough? Or true life for wrestlers? Hm….depending on how they handle the show, this could really work .

  • Scooter

    honestly whats the point everyone at home will say brian danielson should win anyway not my opinion I’m just saying thats what will happen seriously

  • ??

    As long as they pair them up with good mentors this could work out. We dont need carbon copies of what we have now.

  • WWE/FCW fan

    NXT sounding like it will be a great show im hoping it will be a mix of ultimate figher and tough enough im liking the idea and the roster too

    -Daniel Bryan (aka Bryan Danielson)
    -Kaval (aka Low Ki)
    -Brett DiBiase
    -Justin Angel
    -Skip Sheffield
    -Joe Hennig
    -Darren Young
    -Heath Slater
    -Michael Tarver

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