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New Details on Jake Roberts’ Condition, Correction on Previous Reports, Sinn Bodhi Speaks

– In the video above, Bill Apter of talks with Sinn Bodhi about what has happened with Jake Roberts’ health in Las Vegas this week. Bodhi says Jake’s doctors in Atlanta told him that he had a flu and to sleep it off.

Jake did not collapse during his flight to Las Vegas on Wednesday, according to a statement from his lawyer Kyle Magee to The story about Jake collapsing on the plane was first stated by Diamond Dallas Page when passing on the word about Jake’s condition but it appears it was a mistake based on Jake being unconscious due to treatment while in ICU.

Jake reportedly alerted the flight crew that something was wrong after experiencing breathing troubles & extreme chest tightening, and they arranged for an ambulance to be waiting for him when the plane landed. Jake was rushed to the hospital and it was found that he had pneumonia in both lungs and had very little lung function. He’s still being aggressively treated for that.

Jake is still being tested for the mass found on his brain and there’s some belief that it may be something that is a result of the many years Jake has taken bumps in the ring but Jake has a neurologist who is investigating. Jake’s lawyer noted that the “coma-like state” he was in was induced by doctors in order to effectively treat the pneumonia. He also noted that drugs & alcohol have no bearing on this health scare. Jake received a clean bill of health from his PET scan after having his leg cancer surgery back in May.