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– As reported last night, Samoa Joe’s contract with TNA has expired. Word is that he signed a contract before last night’s Final Resolution pay-per-view.

It is unclear right now whether it is a short-term deal or something longer.

He is scheduled to work this week’s tapings.

Credit – WrestlingObserver.com

  • Big Dic Dudley

    That might be hard for them to get Umaga in the fold since he’s dead.

  • http://hotmail.com Nexus_Member100

    i think that Joe should go to the WWE and Umaga, rikishi ,and the Uso’s could make a stable of Somoans

  • tim

    They pushed Rikishi, Umaga and some other Samoan wrestlers his size with physical wrestling styles, so I don’t see why they wouldn’t try. Given the fact that he has had matches with the likes of Kurt Angle,R-Truth, Christian and some others that prove his abilities. Plus, they are lacking in the Samoan dept and Vince loves them. They could make an aggressive group with Joe as the lead and the Usos as his sidekicks. It could be interesting.

  • Juggalo

    True enough. But I think out of all the TNA wrestlers. He -is- the most explosive. He doesn’t tire like a normal dude his size and his abilities are rivaled by none given his physique. I wouldn’t want him to go into the WWE however. Just be a squash-match guy for years until they decide to give him some sort of opportunity. And that would bother me.

    He’s not the type of dude you can repackage as something else. He has to be Samoa Joe.

  • Jeff

    Samoa Joe leaves and he is back to the Indies. No way WWE will pick somebody like him up. He just doesn’t fit the WWE mold.

  • Juggalo

    I will say…. if TNA is ever foolish enough to let Samoa Joe slip away from them. I will never watch the show again >_> because it is sunk to an unrecoverable level at that point.

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