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Partial source: Wrestling Observer

– The Pittsburgh Steelers involvement on last night’s RAW got lots of exposure on ESPN’s Sportscenter, including where they celebrated with DX and Jerry Lawler called it a “Sportscenter moment.”

– Several readers have pointed out that during the John Cena vs. Randy Orton match at Sunday’s Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, you could see where John Cena dropped a razor blade on accident before the referee picked it up and put it in his pocket. I guess they did have plans for blood after all. There was apparently a video on Youtube yesterday but WWE had it removed.

– The plan as of this past weekend was to have Beth Phoenix feud next with Mickie James for the WWE Divas Championship.

  • Midnighhour

    Beth and Mickie again?Come now,with all the Diva’s that they have,couldn’t they have picked another feud.We all been down this road With Beth and Mickie already.

  • teri

    why the f*** do we have to deal with another beth mickey feud wwe is f*** stupid and they need to get there heads out of their ass and start something wroth watching

  • baddog_1_2k

    Beth vs trish has to happen shes beat everybody including mickie to truly put her over it has to be trish vs beth 1 on 1 at a ppv for the belt

  • Mr.

    Maybe doug and Leona’s points would be taken more seriously if they could spell or had any kind of grammar.

  • Mark

    Mickie James v Gail kim in a popped implant match

  • doug

    i agree sick of feud let me guess we will see beth vs mickey beth will win title then they have feud again so dumb why cant she feud with jilian or gail or rosa mendes why ugly beth again sick of that stupid feud tna has better woman on there

  • Leona Spears

    beth?! fgs hw mny tymes do wwe keep doing the sme fueds
    jillian shud ve her shot and win!

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