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New Info on Santino Marella’s New WWE Sitcom Show

– WWE star Santino Marella says he will be starring in a new sitcom on featuring Beth Phoenix as his live-in girlfriend and Kozlov playing his best friend.

In an interview with, Santino explained that if the show is successful, he intends to spend more time focusing on acting than wrestling.

“I was always the class clown, the comedian. And combine that with 20 years of grappling and you put that together and you get Santino. I think the transition will be easy. I’d say I’m more of an actor actually than a wrestler. I did a pilot already. When I presented it to the office, I did a pilot and it was really fun to do. It’s a really natural transition for me.”

Shooting begins this month at his home in Tampa, FL with hopes of shopping the show around to television networks after the first “online” season.

  • Keith Learmonth

    I actually really enjoyed Santino/Kozlov on the abe show…

  • Bill

    I think it’ll be funny (not sure about successful, but who knows). I’m surprised they’re going along with this, though, considering how badly Santino and Kozlov (on the Abraham Washing show) bombed. I think that was a test and they failed. Glad to see happen though, as I did find the Kozlov/Santino thing funny (when I could understand Kozlov).


    Kozlov will steal the show. I LOVE DOUBLE DOUBLE E.

  • Kyle

    I hate to say it, but this might actually be worth watching.

  • WW/FCWEfan4life

    the sitcom sounds a little like you, me and dupree lol