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New Match & Stip Added to WWE’s Over the Limit PPV

– Below is the updated card for WWE’s Over the Limit pay-per-view coming out of tonight’s RAW:

I Quit Match for the WWE Title
Batista vs. John Cena

World Heavyweight Title Match
Big Show vs. Jack Swagger

WWE Unified Tag Team Title Match
Chris Jericho & The Miz vs. The Hart Dynasty

SES Pledge vs. Punk’s Hair
Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk

Edge vs. Randy Orton

  • Mordecai

    anyone else realize that the date of Over the Limit is May 23, the same day as Over the Edge was back in 1999 when Owen Hart fell from the Kemper Arena…

  • ripfenixtx

    not trying to jinx it or anything…but wow.. no you know who on here?

  • Rikishi

    I will get rid of the PG Era of Pro Wrestling. I will do it for THE ROCK!!!!

  • jedimaster316

    Am I the only one who does not understand what happened with Rey & Punks stip from Mania. Did they not have this same exact stipulation to that match if Punk loses he loses his hair and Rey loses which he did he would join the Society? WTF is up with that……am I mistaken or is this just really stupid.

  • Austin

    THE ROCK HAS SPOKEN lol. any way i agree the match card is good the match that sounds great is edge vs randy and rey vs punk.

  • The Rock

    The Rock says this. How in the blue hell is Batistas roided a#s and Cena’s sweet little candy a#s going to have a I quit match with no blood?!?! I whooped MICK FOLEYS fat rudy poos a#s like no ones ever, and I mean ever did before or after in the the whole damn world with 12 chair shots to his fat pathetic head. This PG CR#P has to go, or the Rock will never return, JABRONIS!!!

  • Zach V

    this whole card is good. Orotn vs Edge and the tag titles and punk vs rey are the 3 matches to watch imo

  • I Ribbed Chris Sabin

    I have been blacklisted?!?!

  • I Ribbed Chris Sabin

    I am going to Detroit MI just to see Edge vs. Orton and to see Batista lose again 🙂

  • Rodd

    Glad to see BIG SHOW back in the WH Title picture