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New reports say Enzo Amore be moved off Raw due to backstage heat

Enzo Amore

Big Cass and Enzo were one of the most popular teams in recent memory. Their emergence from NXT saw them selling a ton of merchandise as the Smack Talker Skywalker led the duo with his suburb skills on the microphone.

But Enzo’s appeal might have diminished greatly in the last month or so since Big Cass told his little buddy he wouldn’t be around to back his mouth up any more. When the Realest Guys In The Room broke up some thought it was purely for the story but new reports might lead us to speculate there might have been a bigger reason for the separation.

Enzo Amore has racked up a could big stories recently dealing with his attitude and behavior. Roman Reigns had to kick him off of a WWE bus due to his annoying antics and a stripper unloaded in tell-all fashion about how Enzo was high, stuck up, and not a good tipper.

Now new reports are coming out which would indicate Enzo is in even hotter water than most would have thought. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting WWE officials are currently kicking around ideas which would see Enzo moved off Raw. The idea is they want to get as must distance between Enzo and Vince McMahon as possible which can’t be a good thing. If Vince is getting annoyed at Enzo then that could spell very bad things in the end.

The current ideas being batted around are sending Enzo to 205 Live or even back to NXT. If he went to 205 Live that might be a good fit for him, but he would need to change his backstage behavior nonetheless.

According to reports the final offense came when Enzo was heard talking on his phone in a very loud and verbose manner about how much money he makes while at the same time disparaging the pro wrestling business. That’s not a smart thing to do if you’re in the wrestling business, no matter who can hear. But apparently enough ears heard Enzo talk down about WWE that it might result in a new change of address for The Certified G.

  • Arnold Jackson

    Oh yeah I missed that. Once every six weeks doesn’t count. You clearly realized the basic concept.

  • CC

    Drew appears on Raw. He only recently tag teamed on Raw with Thee Brian Kendrick.

  • Shawn OB

    I can only imagine what goes on and how it is in the back but the show really shouldn’t reflect whats going on in the back. Make the show interesting, make him grab attention. If hes all talk, thats just what it is. Damn there’s negativity anywhere you go, let it go.

  • Arnold Jackson

    You just turned Cass, you can’t turn Enzo at this point.

  • oppa

    You know it’s bad when Paige is more welcomed in WWE than he is.

  • Arnold Jackson

    Keep him on that show exclusively and just don’t use him on RAW. He then just travels with the SD crew. Much like they do with Drew Gullack

  • Omar

    Looks like he is in need of some humility, maybe sending him back to NXT might be the best thing for all parties involved. That way he can be away from Vince, can put over some upcoming talent and maybe learn from his mistakes and come back to the main roster. Otherwise he might just get cut in the much-talked-about budget cuts that are coming after Summerslam.

  • jedi

    Another example of over in nxt then come to roster & burried.

  • CC

    How would sending him to 205 Live help keep him away from Vince seeing as the 205 Live crew are all on Raw?

  • CC

    Could big stories are the new in thing … ha ha

  • CC

    According to all reports he IS being himself as he is just as annoying in real life as he is on tv.
    The gimmick wore thing real quick on tv, and I can imagine if he is anything like that in real life, you would not wanna be around him.

  • gar216

    Proof these ridiculously long articles prior to posting.

  • ROB-1.

    Send him back to NXT, I don’t watch that show.

  • unknown183


  • HBK

    Give this guy a title run maybe a ic title run turn him heel and give him control of his character and let him be himself on TV….. you never know it might just be the next best thing for wwe.

  • unknown183

    Certified Deez Nuts