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– New WWE ring announcer Lauren Mayhew commented on her Twitter account about her first night with WWE on Tuesday. Here’s what she wrote: “Had an awesome first night at WWE! Everyone is so gracious and talented! Whatta ride I’m n for :)”

Below is a photo of Lauren in the ring at the SmackDown tapings:


  • Vince Mcmahon

    For gods sake, i must have been drunk when i hired this girl

  • Grandma’s Cookies

    Wow, this is one unfortunately ugly young lady.
    Who hired this one? Definitely not Vince.

    Why didn’t they just put Howard Finkel back in position to do ring announcements?

    I wish they would at least use him for the PPV’s.
    He really brings something special to a show.

    This new girl is not attractive at all, she is what the young ones call “fugly”.

  • Matt

    I think you 2 guys are just into that alien human hybrid loving, right? 😛

  • The Animal Dave Batista

    To all who think she is ugly, then congratulations, you are ġay.

  • Matt

    Johnny on Thu, 24th Sep 2009 5:28 PM

    WTF is she wearing?!

    I think she skinned an Emu.

  • Doyle

    WTF? Was she breeded with a pug or something?

  • Hernandez

    What rehab clinic did they find this ugly thing at?Was it Shemales anonymous?

  • Allen Michael

    She is hot! I don’t know what you all are talking about.

  • Rick

    Don’t get it,just put Howard finkel back in the spot he’s a great announcer

  • Jacky

    Cheap rip off of TNA’s hot and cute Lauren. How ironic they have the same name.

  • Johnny

    WTF is she wearing?!

  • Anonymous

    My god, she is fugly

  • Matt

    OMFG in this pic she looks worse than the others…

  • Shawn

    Think that picture is big enough?

  • Jacob

    Fucking chilis advertisment is in the way.

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