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– Layla is your new WWE Women’s Champion after defeating Beth Phoenix on last night’s SmackDown. Michelle McCool’s rematch clause was used but Vickie Guerrero made it a 2-on-1 Handicap match with Layla and McCool vs. Phoenix for the belt. Layla ended up winning the match and the title.

The title change came after Beth was injured at last week’s WWE Superstars tapings in a match against Rosa Mendes. Beth wrote the following on her WWE blog about the injury:

“Two weeks ago on Superstars, I had a match against new SmackDown Diva, Rosa Mendes. During the course of the match I was able to reverse an Irish Whip into the corner and counter Rosa with an Up and Over maneuver where I jump out of the turnbuckle, over her and show her what The Glamazon is made of. However, when I landed, feet side by side, as I have thousands of times over the course of my career, my left knee buckled to the side and I heard a very distinctive, “Crunch.””

Beth revealed she suffered a bruised bone, torn & displaced Meniscus, a sprained MCL and a torn ACL. She was advised by doctors to get surgery and will be going under the knife this coming Tuesday in Alabama with Dr. James Andrews.

This marks Layla’s first title win in WWE since debuting in 2006. Layla is the first British Women’s Champion.

  • AnT0nyo DaBess

    It sucks how wrestling is losing it’s it factor it use to have and I hate the fact that wrestling is now a who you know business not a talent business

  • BuckieKid

    bring back chyna

  • Austin

    larkon i hope you arent to be like are previous cena lover who ended up being band here. Oh the answer to your question is either the rock stone cold maybe undertaker.

  • me

    i’d do Layla in every position, in a row.

  • thebatman

    what they need to do is bring over Velvet Sky and Angelina Love from TNA

  • gEtOnMyLeVeL

    if you people miss the 80’s and the 90’s so damn much, watch wrestling archives like I do. WWE’s been watered down for almost 10 years now, its not a shock to watch them whore out the business for a buck. Get used to it or find something else to do.

  • sandman

    best female wrestler right now is taylor wilde

  • DA 420 KING


  • Paul123

    first diva search winner to be wwe women’s champion.
    eve is the first diva search winner to be diva’s champion.

    the only other divas from the diva search to win a championship were candice and michelle (though they never won the diva search)

  • garrett

    isn’t she the first diva search winner to be a champion?

  • Austin

    McCool is defienetly going to fight Layla for the title. Well that match isnt very interesting unless there is a special stip for the title match. Any way i hope Beth comes back she is good wrestler.

  • Paton

    well, she is extremely hot…

  • sandman

    has everyone forgot about melina she is a good wrestler

  • AustinTO

    I can see a face turn for Layla. Definitely a feud between her and McCool.

  • Vampi

    WWE needs to get real wrestlers for the Womens Division… Now, it is a REAL Divas Division, full of skinny models…

  • kpnuttzlol

    ??? Layla…..Nice to see new talent as the champion but seriously??? The womens title got called the Diva’s Title in the image section of Wwe.com(shows the credibility of it now)

    @ Bazerko….Your comment made me chuckle and its true by the end of the month she will be champion again :(

  • Bazerko

    @Tookie…sorry dude your wish won’t come true. Seeing as Michelle McCool is dating the Undertaker lol She’ll probably have the title again by months end.

  • lamar williams


  • lamar williams

    Okay ppl Layla is the 1st woman of British decent 2 hold the WC. Katie Lea had a shot at the title during her time with WWE and she was a actual wrestler so its true the looks do matter not true talent.

  • Rich

    wow.i thought michelle was the women’s champion but i’m glad that we have a new women’t champion in Layla.

  • Whatever

    u know I agree, even beth got hurt I thought they were gonna give michelle the belt but at least we got someone new, I was actually getting sick of michelle having the belt, I sure hope they dont give it back to her any time soon, that belt has a lot of prestige to it, women like trish and lita fighting over it

  • Tookie

    at least they didn’t put the title back on michelle….. i’m so fucking sick of her!!

  • bbb

    please never give the womans title to michelle ever again

  • Burt

    I wonder how long she’ll be out. At first I thought this could mean the end (before it began) of a possible Glamazon/Kong feud (assuming WWE got the balls to sign her). Anyhow, if Beth is out for a while, it still can work. Vicki can bring Kong in as an “unstoppable” force and she’ll absolutely destroy all women (and probably some men) in her way. Then, after all seems lost, Beth will return to defeat her for the title. That’s probably better than the previous storylines.

  • moi

    sadly, i don’t think that ANY TITLE (formerly BELT) really means anything… thanks to VKM… I miss the European Title, the Cruiserweight Title, and the fact that they we actually defended regularly… oh well those were the days I guess…

  • Paul123

    i just typed like, a whole 2 paragrapghs and got blocked by the site -.-

    so here goes again,
    im glad layla has the title because i was getting sick of having the same old divas holding the titles. layla has both improved in wrestling ability and stage presence.
    it sucks about beth but with her injured, im kinda hoping wwe puts jillian or gail on smackdown to have a stronger diva roster on sd. maybe even melina when she returns. also im looking forward to seeing michelle vs layla as we all can see it happening soon.

  • !?

    ^ winning titles

  • !?

    She got injured so it does make sense, but I have to say Layla is fecking fine and she has improved in-ring as well. What is with all of these International people winning, nothing against them lol

  • Soulshroude

    *Chuckles* That’s about right, Scooter. The Glamazon being the only female who is not a model but professional wrestler in the WWE, I was glad she won the title again, she would have kept it if not for the injury.

  • Scooter

    So the womens title means nothing again oh joy

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